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The Insanity of the Religious Right: Janet Porter

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The Queen Bee of the Religious Right, Janet Porter (formerly Janet Folger) of Faith2Action, has released a horrendous and offensive "newscast from a future we must never see" on World Net Daily. You may remember Janet as the Naugle-loving, gay-hating fire breather who authored the fundamentalist tome "The Criminalization of Christianity" and is the former national director of the Center for Reclaiming America, the ultra right-wing religious group started by the late Rev. James Kennedy. Hold on to your socks for this one...

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Wow. That's a bucketful of crazy. Let's give a little background on Janet Porter/Folger and pull out some of the video lowlights after the jump...

Consider the Source: Getting to Know Janet

You might recall that Janet Folger/Porter gave Mayor Naugle of Fort Lauderdale the "Family Protector of the Year" award after his anti-gay crusade in South Florida. She also flip-flopped over McCain, at first saying only "sheep" would vote for McCain over Huckabee, then putting on her Little Bo Peep costume to guide the sheep over to McCain's corner after endorsing him when he secured the nomination.

She also had that winning rant called "Anita Bryant was right" on World Net Daily. And who can forget her reaction to the California decision for marriage equality, when Porter/Folger let loose the very scientific theory that gay marriage is a sign of the apocalypse.

Yeah. She's basically James Dobson with lipstick and a computer.

With this video, Janet again jumps on the crazy train (heck, she's the conductor of it) and unleashes a torrent of offensive, fear-mongering "predictions" if Obama becomes President.

Janet on Gays

As promised, President Obama also overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, which was signed by President Bill Clinton. This is sure to spread homosexual marriage not just in Massachusetts, California and Connecticut, but to states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado. President Obama, as he said during the campaign, opposes any efforts to protect marriage by state amendment. He also made good on his campaign promise to use the bully pulpit of the White House to place vulnerable orphan children in the homes of homosexual activists who demanded it during their Gay Pride Parade.

Janet on Terrorism

The "Death to America Coalition" released a statement: "We have not celebrated like this since 9/11!"

President Obama thanked campaign contributor William Ayers by appointing him as director of Homeland Security. Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon, and after 9/11 said he wished he could have done more, in a statement released today, said, "Now I can."

President Obama's close friend, mentor and pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, accepted the appointment to oversee the president's Faith Based Initiative program with the condition he would quit calling for God to damn America in public.

Janet on a Woman's Right to Choose

President Obama followed through on his campaign promise to sign the "Freedom of Choice Act" as his first act in office. This effectively wipes out every pro-life law from parental notice to every ban on partial-birth abortion in all 50 states.

• NICKIE NAEVE, 14 year old: "Now that Obama's president, I can get an abortion and mom or dad will never ever know!"
• SANDY SLAUGHTER from KTAI (Kill Them All International): "You just worked 36 years for nothing! When Obama won we won! Ha!"

The only thing left of the abortion agenda not yet accomplished is the forced abortion policy of China.

Janet on Michelle Obama

First lady Michelle Obama spent the day reading from her favorite books to elementary school children.

MICHELLE OBAMA READING TO CHILDREN: "Mr. Ayers knew America was a bad country so he and his lovely wife formed a club called 'The Weather Underground.' (To children) Can you say 'Weather Underground'?"

CHILDREN REPEAT: "Weather Underground."

MICHELLE: "They took action and stood up for what they believed (turning children's book page) in the Pentagon ..."

CHILDREN: "Ka-Boom!"

JOHNNIE RAISES HIS HAND: "Mrs. Obama? Did Mr. Ayers ever say he was sorry for blowing up the Pentagon?"

MICHELLE: "No, but nobody really cares about that. Let's move to our next book, "Heather and Her Two Mommies aren't Proud of their Imperialist Country.'"

Damn it, Janet. That's some crazy, homophobic, race-baiting terror talk.

And this is the woman that got upset when a Florida University invited the Phelps Clan from Westboro Baptist Church to debate Amendment 2, saying they were too "radical" and made the "pro-marriage people" look bad?

I think you are doing a great job of that all by yourself, Janet...

(h/t Good As You)

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SammySeattle | October 22, 2008 8:55 PM

That crosses the line from crazy to evil. And shameful to force children to act in this film.

I thought the same thing- if they are trying to "save the children", why are they having them act in this horrific video (and chant about terrorists and bombs)??

Watching this just makes me want to keep going to church on Sunday's to prove not all Christians are fearmongers.

While Janet and her Klan prey on the oppressed, I will pray for her.

Pray hard, Michael. Pray hard.

And James Dobson in lipstick? Is that the pig or the pit bull analogy in action?

Oh Michael... I know how Janet is your favorite. :)

Wouldn't Janet Porter feel really stupid if Obama gets elected and none of that stuff happens? I'm sure she'd change her mind about all that!

Make that 2 buckets o-crazy!!

Toys in the attic, she is craaaaa-zeeeeee........

Here is a woman with so much pent up anger, that she doesn't realize how ignorant she is. There is more going on here than what meets the eye. This is a display of mental instability and illness. Perhaps she is in it for greed. I imagine she makes good money in the name of God. What is her level of accredited education? Does anyone know?

You can check out Janet's Bio HERE, although be aware that it is on the Faith2Action website, so who knows how true any of it is...

I feel left out partly.

I mean all that bile, and nothing on pagans?

I think she just needs to find a good woman, let herself go crazy for a night or two, and just work it out of her system. Nothing like a little unbridled lust to clear the thinking and provide some proper perspective to all of life's little mysteries.

C'mon Janet, let yourself go, you will feel better in the morning.

David Martindale | April 20, 2009 6:08 PM

As frequent caller to Mrs Porters program I have found the woman to be all you describe she has no ability to see beyond the book of parable written by old men centuries ago and her comtempt knows no bounds Ive since been banned by her for personally caling Phylis Schlafly on the carpet for her own hypocrisy

Now where is Perez Hilton when you need him...Janet Porter is the Dumb B*tch!