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This Weekly Round-Up goes out to you, Joe the Plumber!

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Since you might have been caught up in the ongoing saga of Joe the Plumber- plumber_4.jpgthe not so real plumber, who doesn't pay taxes, and is now a household name- here are some of the great posts from The Bilerico Project, Bilerico-Florida, and Bilerico-Indiana!

Coming out: the agony and the ecstasy - Dr. Jillian T. Weiss
Coming Out to My Gay Dad - Paige Schilt
Silence = Death - Alex Blaze

Wachovia lends $8 mil to Republican party: Small businesses still can't get a loan - Bil Browning
Time to Call the FBI: Stoking the Fires of Hate - Waymon Hudson
McCain's Outrage Inciting Road Rage - Dr. Jillian T. Weiss
Are Democrats Throwing Gays Under the Bus? - Karen Ocamb

Florida's Amendment 2: Florida Is No Connecticut! - Anthony Niedwiecki
Same-Sex Marriage: Three Years On - Mercedes Allen
Sluts Still Get to Say No - Gina de Vries

Let's Give Sarah Palin a Taste of Her Own Medicine - Scott Kaiser
Scapegoating's getting more complicated... and scarier - Alex Blaze
Coming Out in East Tennessee - Patricia Nell Warren

Arkansas has a pro-child agenda, not a "gay agenda" - Nancy Polikoff
One Year Later, A Mother Returns to Vienna - Steve Ralls
Your Wife Already Knows Your Little Secret - Father Tony

Southwestern New Mexico - A Probable History Before Stonewall - Guest Blogger Ronald L. Donaghe
Transphobia exists: Kids pulled from transitioning teacher's class - Alex Blaze
McCain Campaign compares Obama to Hitler - Waymon Hudson

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