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Thoughts from Rosh Hashanah

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I have a few thoughts about the Election and the campaigning that is going on. Yesterday I was sitting in synagogue - it is the Jewish New Year - a time of introspection and renewal - and as I was listening to the prayers, an undercurrent of thoughts was going on inside my head. I was thinking about the election and praying that Obama wins. I don't know if G-d really hears me, but I realized how badly I want Obama to win this election.

I thought of all the people I have met while I made phone calls and registered people to vote - the other campaigners as well as the people we reached out to on the phone and in the streets. The Obama campaign is certainly reaching out to people. I get e-mails and phone calls on an almost daily basis to work.

Then I wondered about the McCain campaign. Where are the McCain people? Are they making phone calls and registering people to vote? Or are they complacent? Do they really think they have this election tied up?

I then thought that we have much to lose if Obama loses, and of course much to gain if he wins. What do the McCain people think? How invested are they in this election?

I have spoken to so many people who say that if McCain wins, they'll leave the country. I'm sure most of them don't mean it literally, but just saying it shows how badly they need and want a change in this country. Do the McCain people think along the lines of change? Or are they complacent and are genuinely happy with the way things have been going? Because if McCain wins, things surely will stay the same, or maybe even get worse.

I was talking to a friend last night, and she said that if McCain wins, there will be a lot of depressed people in this country. Will the McCain people be depressed if Obama wins? Sometimes I get so excited thinking about an Obama win - I can actually taste it. Then I retreat, too scared to think of the alternative.

This is such an important election - maybe with the ushering in of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, a real change will actually occur. I can only hope so.

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