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Filed By Bil Browning | October 27, 2008 8:30 AM | comments

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A small teaser... Look up at the very tip-top of the page above the banner ad. See the new login link? If you already have an account with any of the Bilerico sites, you can login there now. You're also able to update your profile to include a bio just like contributors. You can also add the cool picture of yourself or icon that will show up when you comment.

If you've recently signed up for a user account and didn't get the confirmation e-mail, let me know and I'll activate your account manually. For some reason, a few SPAM blockers have been working overtime lately.

I'm not going to tell you why we're doing the upgrades, but look for some really cool upgrades to the site launching soon - including some social networking aspects. Anyone willing to peek behind the curtain and serve as guinea pigs to test out some new features?

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Yea! Very cool Bil. (and yes, those are alaska plates on my truck)

Happy to volunteer as a guinea pig.

*squee*squee*squee* (sounds of a guinea pig yelling for attention!) ;-)

TBP is going to become even better? Amazing!

So, um, if we decide to do the photo/icon thingie, is there a pixel size which is preferred?

Obviously, the smaller the better just for space considerations. I don't think the system will allow anything more than 200k. For contributors, I just used the black and white icon pic they have on the front of the site; I figure if they want more they'll create it. :)

WOW! I didn't know that!

I clicked on Sign-In thinking I would have to register and instead, I get auto-signed-in by Movable Type.

Well, just for that you all are going to have to look at my ugly mug now.

I like it, I like it! Where do I sign up?

Great job, Jerame and Bil! I'm totally in for guinea pigging the new features!

Would that be a guinea pig with lipstick? I don't usually wear lipstick.

I have questions, Bil. Who will be able to see the profile; the general public, or is that just for you honchos?

Will the pictures be clickable? Right now, they're too small to be seen (at least by me)?

I noticed that the newly linked names are mostly to blogs. What if you don't have a blog?