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Vote Republican or the Terrorists Win?

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More voter intimidation from the Florida Republican Party- this time in the form of a disturbing mailer sent out from the State GOP to Florida's 18th District.


Terrorists are Committed to Kill Anyone Not Like Them. America Must be Committed to Defeating Evil.

As AL-Qaeda continues to attack innocent victims around the world, only one party has pledged to pursue terrorists until Islamic radicalism is defeated.

Republicans have proven they will never retreat under pressure from terrorists or the nations who harbor them. While Democrats have called for surrender in the fight against Al-Qaeda in Iraq, they have also pledged to meet unconditionally with dictators and tyrants.

Keep America safe. Vote Republican.

And guess whose smiling, over-tanned face was on the other side of the mailer? None other than Mister "Live and Let Live" himself- Governor Charlie Crist.

Crist and the GOP make it perfectly clear that the Democrats want to "surrender to the terrorists."


We live in a dangerous time. Terrorists groups all over the world want to do us harm.

You can help keep America safe by voting for strong Republican leaders that won't back away from their commitment to hunt down terrorists and bring them to justice.


With your vote, you can rest easy knowing that Republican leaders will continue to focus on the safety of you and your family.

This election is too important is too important to sit on the sidelines...

So the only thing standing between us and utter annihilation from terrorists is Charlie Crist and the Republicans?? Is he going to fake tan them to death? At least we can rest assured that he'll procreate and have strong Republican babies. I mean, he is engaged to be married... to a woman... for now.

I wonder if this line of attack ("Terrorists are Committed to Kill Anyone Not Like Them") has anything to do with recent string of ads saying Obama "pals around with terrorists" and that he is "not like us." It seems this ad is meant to not only make Floridians afraid of terrorists but Obama as well...

These type of fear mongering attacks are below us, although they have been par for the course for the Republicans. We have seen where the politics of fear lead- look at who we have in the White House right now.

We have to call out these despicable attacks and reject them- and that means getting rid of the people and party that puts them out.

(h/t Pam's House Blend)

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | October 15, 2008 6:36 AM

Do you notice that no one ever wants to discuss why we Americans are so hated? How many enemies do we have to create and how many lies must we repeat? Let us deal with "WHY" and we will know "what" to do. It does not do it for me to simply blame it on the man behind the tree.

What is our government doing overseas that caused us to be attacked? Who do we oppress?