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Will the Real Black Folk (& Real Americans) Please Stand Up?

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I just got through reading comments detailing remarks made in support of Florida's hateful Amendment 2 by a niece of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Alveda King. Dr. King's niece has once again aligned herself (while invoking her uncle's name) with Discrimination instead of inclusivity and ignorance instead responsible education. But most importantly, she has again sided with the hate her uncle confronted.

I will give her this- she seems to be consistent, even if the question is to what and to whom?

Forgive me, but I am just a little bit tried of being accused of somehow being a little less than black because I am a same gender loving womyn of Afrikan descent. Yet somehow a womyn of Afrikan descent who does the bidding for hate mongers in her own community is somehow more black than I? And while I too, like the advertising campaign of my youth, can tout that when a womyn can make it on the ticket of the Republican Party that we have come a long way baby, I can also acknowledge my dismay at the willingness to assimilate at the expense of your sisters.

We still got a long way to go.

Someone said to me just the other day that the one who frames the debate wins it. That should be enough for real black folk and real Americans (period) to not accept the prepackaged appointments of so-called leaders by the establishment that wants to keep "those people" locked out. This should be enough for us to begin to rise to the challenge of reframing the debate.

I'll tell ya what I think- a real black person is someone who understands community, someone who understands, as Dr. King said, that we must all live together as Brothers (family) or parish together as fools and that the community is operating at a deficit if one member of that community is left behind.

Real black folk understand that once you have been oppressed, it is a spiritual abomination to then turn around and oppress in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Real black folk also understand that the there is no distinction between big "I" and little "you." We cannot base our existence on how the oppressor accepts us or tells us "you're not like the rest them." Real black folk understand you can't separate me from them because I am them.

I will also tell ya what makes us good Americans, in spite of how Gov. Palin has tried to amputate us city folk from the American landscape...- the same damn thing! I'll tell ya what makes a great human being.... THE SAME DAMN THING.

Goodness is goodness and evil is evil. Don't dress evil up, put lipstick on it and tell me that it's black or that it's American- hate is hate.

Some years ago, when Dr. King's Niece first aligned herself with the religious wrong and invoked her uncle's name, it was Mrs. Coretta Scott King, who made it clear that her husband had always been on the side of human rights and dignity, and that he would not be standing with his niece or those she is associated with on this issue of not "gay" rights, but human rights.

This is what made Dr. & Mrs. King not only real black folk but real Americans as well. When we move forth understanding each other's humanness then each other's "otherness" won't be something we have to legislate.

Continue to walk in the light, redefine your faith, and remember it's all about the rhythm.

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Colton Margus | October 30, 2008 3:04 AM

The arguments against gay marriage aren't new. In fact, many of them were once made against interracial marriage, too.

Please help us spread that message, to keep intolerance out of our state constitution. Send this video link to every email list and address you know of, because, in just days, millions of Americans may lose the right to marry the person they love.

America has overcome discrimination before. Let's do it again. Tell everyone you know that banning gay marriage isn't American and isn't right. Show them this video, and tell them to vote no.

Thank you!