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Bill Clinton: Say No to FL Amendment 2

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Former President Bill Clinton is joining the fight against Florida's Amendment 2! bill-clinton-photograph.jpgAbout 250,000 Democrats who have not yet voted will receive a telephone call today from Clinton asking them to vote NO on Amendment 2, the so-called "Marriage Protection" Amendment.

Florida Red & Blue, which paid for the calls, had this to say about Clinton's support:

President Clinton is well liked and deeply respected by Florida Democrats. We're delighted to be able to add his powerful voice to the chorus of opposition to Amendment 2.

Transcript of the call after the jump...

President Clinton says this on the call:

Hello, this is President Bill Clinton.
I'm calling my friends in Florida today to ask you to vote "no" on Amendment 2.
Amendment 2 could actually keep people from visiting each other in hospitals or interfere with other health care decisions.
That's why Barack Obama, Hillary and I all oppose it. Please stay in the voting booth until you find Amendment 2 and vote no.
Thank you so much for helping us defeat Amendment 2 with your no vote.

Clinton is hugely popular in Florida, so this call could have an amazing effect on the outcome of tomorrow's vote!

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No fair, we want Bill in California...that's what we get for supporting Obama too strongly!!
Ah, well...we'll all be working with our fingers crossed, crytals hanging, rabbits feet and horse shoes up and rubbed...and still
BILL CALLS would have been good too!

This is great news for Amendment 2, I am so happy to hear it.
I am rooting for No on 2 and you guys in Cali too, No on 8 there.

I think Clinton is doing Prop 8 calls as well! I'll try and find that info and send it to you...

We can defeat these amendments! Let's get out and work the polls!!

The vote on Amendment 2 here in Florida is largely symbolic, but the vote in California is extremely important to the advancement of human rights in this country. We are all pulling for you. I have been happily married for almost 32 years. I want everyone to have that opportunity.

Cali is extremely important, I agree!

I do think that Florida that is much more than symbolic, however. If Amendment 2 passes, thousands of Floridians could basic benefits- healthcare, end of life decisions, hospital visitations. It will have a devestating impact on many families. The far-reaching language of Amendment 2 moves it from a symbolic ban on same-sex marriage (which is alredy illegal in our state) to a removal of domestic partnerships and benefits.