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Domestic Partnership Benefits? They are after those too.

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We knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time until the backers of Florida's Amendment 2 proved exactly how dishonest they were during their lie-filled campaign and went after domestic partnership benefits in Florida- despite saying it would have "no effect on benefits" and it was "only about one thing- marriage."

DAVID_CATON_mid.jpgDavid Caton, executive director of the Florida Family Association (one of the groups backing Amendment 2), says he will push for a change to the Hillsborough County Charter in 2010 to preemptively ban same-sex benefits for county employees. That's right, banning benefits. This is exactly what we warned would happen and they swore wouldn't.

Isn't lying a sin, Caton? I guess you're just glossing over that part of the Ten Commandments...

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Caton let this loose:

We're going to use the momentum from the marriage amendment to speak to the fact that most people in this state don't want a recognition of that type of relationship. At this time of economic stress, our government should not be providing benefits to nonemployees on the basis of their sexual relationships.

"That type of relationship"?? So loving, committed couples shouldn't be able to share even the most basic benefits? It looks like the true face of the Amendment 2 supporters is coming to light.

Caton said efforts to recruit volunteers and gather signatures will begin next year. Caton also laid bare the plans of the backers of Amendment 2:

Domestic partnership will be the battlefield between the pro-family agenda and the gay-radical agenda.

So denying health care and other rights to families is now part of the "pro-family agenda"?

After months of listening to Amendment 2 backers bleating about how "health benefits and hospital visitation" wouldn't be affected, the truth comes out. Not surprising from a group that used lies and illegal tactics throughout its campaign. Caton is simply saying what we already knew- they won't be happy until they have taken everything away from us.

Am I the only one who is completely sick of those claiming the "moral majority" being the biggest liars and hypocrites out there? They run horrendous, hate-filled campaigns against us filled with lies. They protest our pride events and boycott equality minded businesses for years, but cry foul when we take to the streets to protest or call out their financial supporters. They claim to be "pro-family" while tearing apart our families.

Take a good, hard look, Florida. This is the lie you believed when you went to the voting booth.

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so it took them 2 weeks and 2 days.
FN amazing. Not surprising. How wonderful to get to say, we told you so.
I am so over all of this, I could spit.

"At this time of economic stress, our government should not be providing benefits to non-employees on the basis of their sexual relationships."

uhh so your benefits based on your SEXUAL relationship is okay then? Thanks for playing God and judging people based on your set of morals. My God doesn't like your God much so how bout we take your benefits away? Separation of church and state. Equality. Period.


rich queers fight over tax breaks, and good women die unnoticed except for the occasional exploitation by the hrc.

Your movement is fundamentally immoral, and deserves to die and be replaced by one that seeks to recognize all our humanity, instead of grovel for tax breaks for a privileged few.

Not. Impressed. At. All.

I’m not sure where you’re getting your facts from, Alyssa.

First, domestic partnerships in FL have nothing to do with tax breaks. Nothing. They are simply a way for people to be able to share insurance benefits (which can be life or death for people who have medical conditions), visit each other in the hospital, and make end of life decisions for one another. In fact, domestic partnerships in FL help people who are NOT privileged by providing an affordable alternative (for example, in Broward it is free to register as domestic partners) to having to draw up expensive legal documents to protect one another, which can cost thousands.

So this obviously has nothing to do with “tax breaks” for a “privileged few.”

And to broadly paint people, especially those on this blog, as not caring about hate crimes and other issues is just completely false. Take a look through the posts, read some of our backgrounds, or ask us some questions rather than just sit in quick judgment. For example, contributor Anthony N and I worked to get gender identity/expression passed in local ordinances. We’ve also been extremely active (and have written lots about) combating hate crimes and honoring those lost.

So thanks for reading and I encourage you to take a look at some of the other posts and issues we talk about on this blog.

Hmmm ... my comment seems to have vanished into the ether.

Let's be fair -- our opponents said that Amendment 2 wouldn't ban benefits. And what Caton is doing is consistent with that. In fact, it demonstrates not that "they" lied, but that "they" told the truth! If he thought Amendment 2 banned benefits, he wouldn't need a charter amendment; he'd just sue.

You use some pretty strong language to denigrate our opponents (and the voters who believed the "lie"). Yes, someone will eventually sue to try to stop DP, based on Amendment 2. Yes, that's bad. But, when that happens, I fear that you'll start talking about "they" and "them" and how terrible they are, using words like "lie" and "hate" and "illegal" and "hypocrite."

It's not hypocritical unless the plaintiff in that suit said benefits wouldn't be affected. Because "they" are not all one, evil, malevolent force. In fact, we need some of "them" to win next time. Because right now, "they" outnumber us -- about 62%-38%, at last count.

Finally, let's hope "they" were right that Amendment 2 doesn't ban benefits, and the fear we tried to instill in voters (that benefits would be lost) was unfounded.

And let's beat Caton at the ballot box -- make our case to voters. Let's not attack him for fighting for his beliefs; he thinks we're destroying society! Let's instead convince 50% of the voters in Hillsborough County that we're right and he's wrong. Demonizing our opponents won't help -- we need some of their votes!

Just my two cents. :)