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Fundies Launch "Protect DOMA" Website

Filed By Waymon Hudson | November 24, 2008 3:00 PM | comments

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The Alliance for Marriage Foundation, which you may remember as the group that drafted the Federal Marriage Protection Amendment, has launched a "Protect DOMA" website and started a campaign to "preserve the federal Defense of Marriage Act." Here's the goal of the group, according to their website:

The Alliance for Marriage Foundation will work to continue to expand our education and mobilization efforts - especially within the Latino community - so that both marriage and freedom of conscience will remain protected in our nation.

The prize in this historic struggle is nothing less than the future of our children and grandchildren.

Wow. But it gets even shriller and "dire" after the jump...

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, an AFM Advisory Board Member and the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership, let loose this screed about protecting DOMA:

President-Elect Obama has vowed to work with Congress to strike-down the Defense of Marriage Act! Known as DOMA, this commonsense law defines marriage in America as between one man and one woman. It protects states from being forced to recognize "MA-style gay marriage" --- and the infamous loss of civil rights that comes with it.

In fact, the page is full of scary warnings that repealing DOMA and allowing marriage equality in any state will lead to the "loss of rights for marriage supporters." I'm not quite sure what the "infamous loss of civil rights" on the Fundie side is- the only loss of rights I have seen in this battle is the stripping away of the marriage rights of a huge swath of people in California and around the nation.

The website is also full of tidbits meant to further drive a wedge along racial and ethnic lines. Numbers and exit poll data from California and Florida are used to show how minorities "reject the utterly false argument that gay activists have a 'civil right' to redefine marriage." Oddly enough, the page also continually attacks Obama and the "radical left", yet celebrates numbers from minorities that voted for Obama but against pro-equality legislation as proof of their "just cause." Then again, reality and continuity has never meant much to these folks.

So our enemies are organizing. They have been emboldened. They are doing their best to continue to inflame racial tensions, use blatant lies about losing rights, and spread their Anita Bryant style "protect the children" message. They are doing outreach to minority communities, lobbying legislators, and building broad coalitions to continue to push the one area in the culture war they have seen they can win- LGBT issues.

So what are we going to do? Are we going to learn from our mistakes? The battles are not over. It has just begun. It is now going to play out on the federal level, where our community cannot accept defeat. From DOMA to DADT to a fully-inclusive ENDA and many other issues, we have a long hard fight.

So let's keep the involvement and the passion going. We are going to need it.

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Defend the defense of marriage? And when the defense of the defense of marriage is attacked, will they have to defend that too?

Of course they will! The more times they can put "defense" in their propaganda, the less they look like the aggressor. It's a smart tactic, you have to admit.