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God Files a Prop 8 Amicus Brief

Filed By Sara Whitman | November 20, 2008 2:30 PM | comments

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Isn't part of religion having some humility? You know, all that bowing heads and stuff?

What's up with this group, The Kingdom of Heaven, World Divine Mission? They have filed an amicus brief on behalf of God.

Not Jesus. Or some Saint. God himself.

Because Mariette Do-Nguyen, head chick in charge of the Divine mission, is the "Heiress of the Almighty Eternal Creator."

Alrighty then. Let's just call it a day. God has spoken.

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I took a look at their brief, You'd think that God would have a better understanding of legal issue than that, not to mention the ability to form well-reasoned arguments.

To all Q's - BOW YOUR HEADS:

"Oh Mother-Father God, please use Your Divine Wisdom to lift us up from this EVIL. The ANTI-Equality sinners do NOT know what they are doing; they only kept the writings of the Heterosexual Men for their Bible; they supressed the Homosexual's Bible. For some reason, the Lesbians haven't shared their Bible with anyone (yet). The Bisexual Bible is still pending...

Anyhoo, DO INSPIRE in the hearts of these haters more Christ-like thoughts and deeds, for they will surely burn and get all crispy one day IF they do not change their ways."

"My followers don't speak for me. That's Keith Olbermann's job" - God.

"Heiress of the Almighty Eternal Creator."

I can't believe no one has pointed out the inherent idiocy in that title. How can she be an "heiress" if the Almighty is eternal? There wouldn't be an heir/heiress if there's no death, would there?!

Just saw this and read the brief--the connections to abortion and 9/11 have to Prop 8 just confused me. And you'd think God had better things to do than file briefs through dreams he gives to someone. "God" (?) also filed an amicus brief before, including a law suit a state legislator filed against God in Lincoln, Nebraska, in September 2007: has more info for anyone who's curious.

Who knew the Kingdom of Heaven would have such crappy letterhead?

But mostly I'm just shocked to learn that the Kingdom of Heaven is not within me after's in San Diego