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No "Milk" for Cinemark

Filed By Michael Crawford | November 25, 2008 6:00 PM | comments

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The film distribution company for the new film Milk needs to get a clue: Alan Stock and Cinemark Theaters should not profit from anti-gay hate.

Alan Stock.jpg

Alan Stock, the CEO of Cinemark, donated $9,999 to support Prop 8
and strip marriage rights away from same-sex couples in California. Now, he stands to profit from the Milk being shown in theaters that he runs.

After the jump is video of more than 300 protesters in Evanston, IL who made sure that Stock and Cinemark got the message that you can't say to us "hate The Gays, love your money" and expected us to roll over and take.

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Harvey Milk is one of the most important figures in the American LGBT movement and the movie about his life should not make money for a man who help to fund the stripping away of basic rights for LGBT people.

That should be a non-brainer.

To make matters worse, the Dallas Voice reports that Cinemark does not offer domestic partner benefits for its employees.

Do not see Milk at any theaters owned by Cinemark if at all possible. Cinemark operates the "Century", "CinéArts", and "Tinseltown" theater chains.

You can find alternatives to Cinemark theaters:


Find out more info at No Milk for Cinemark.

Milk trailer:

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Milk opens in selected cities on Wednesday, November 26 and in wider release on December 5.

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Cinemark owns most of the theatres in my town. Thanks for the headup.

That Evanston, IL protest was awesome!!!

Thanks for the head up. Fortunately none of his theaters operate in Baltimore.

Wow... that's a move worthy of the hrc!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 26, 2008 9:45 AM

It is ridiculous to try to compare HRC and Alan Stock. It is the same kind of lame and divisive rhetoric used by anti-LGBT right-wing who strip away marriage rights in California.

Perhaps if you were a bit more familiar with the tactics the hrc used to diss transfolk, you would not be so quick to make unfounded statements like this.

That said, calling out bigotry s never divisive; that is just a putdown used by oppressors who wish to divert scrutiny. Do you also claim that speaking out against anti gay bigotry and deceit is "divisive?" Why or why not?

Why do you privilege addressing anti gay bigotry over addressing anti trans bigotry?

I strongly suggest you read what other trans women have written here.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 29, 2008 1:38 PM

I worked for HRC for 5 years so I am quite familiar with the work that the organization has done. During that time I worked with activists in a number of cities and states to advance legislation that included both sexual orientation and gender identity.

HRC is not anti-trans despite your claims to the contrary. But, you are free to say so if it makes you feel better, but do not think that in doing so that you are helping to end discrimination against transgender people.

You should also take at look at some of the things that GLB people have written here. You may begin to realize that the entire GLB world is not out to get you.

Cinemark did profit from "Brokeback Mountain." It was one of the chains that put this film into wider release.

Weren't they the first major chain to pick it up for national release?