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Now the Work Begins

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And I don't mean Obama and his team. I mean us.

The United States of America now possesses a mandate for change. Obama's victory, coupled with the gains in the Senate and House, represents a sea change in Washington that should allow LGBT Issues to finally move forward.

But that work is not the responsibility of those in office, but of ourselves.

No community has had their rights recognized simply by asking for them. We must get to work.

The first agenda item of the community should be the administrative rule change that will put into place the repeal of the ban on HIV+ people entering the country. This literally can be done on January 20th with the stroke of a pen. The Congress has already acted, President Obama (god that feels good to type) can enact it instantly.

Following that, I want to see President Obama sign an executive order making an inclusive ENDA the policy for all Executive Branch Federal Employees. This is again something that can be done with a stroke of a pen.

Congress needs to follow suit for all Legislative Branch employees. It is right to expect our government to adopt the policies that are so widely in place in corporate America.

Our work starts today anew. We are the agents of the change we demand from the people we put into office. WE, as a community must being the lobbying process and grass-roots work needed to ensure that the laws and policies of our government move further toward Equality.

Write or call the campaign office of any new Member of Congress, Senator and President Obama and remind them of what we did. Every donation you made and any hour you volunteered should be fresh in their heads as they move toward Washington and take their oath of office.

If you have the skills and desire, start to fill the rolls of government employees so that we can help craft the policies and the strategies to pass them.

If you have the desire, run for office. We need to continue to add to the number of LGBT people in public office. As sad as it may sound, those campaigns start today.

Most importantly, however, is to relish in the victories - the elimination of Marilyn Musgrave, the retaking of the NY Senate, taking back the Ohio House, defeating the Constitutional Convention in Connecticut and the massive step in the Civil Rights struggle that Obama's election represents.

I know it is painful to watch Florida, Arizona, Arkansas and California (maybe). However, we have become good as a community about being hampered by our losses. Now is the time to make good on our victories.

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We whole-heartedly agree & just blogged about this very topic. We intend to find ways to educate our community on equality.