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Protests everywhere

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Suddenly, there are gay rights protests and demonstrations everywhere. Some have attracted boisterous crowds. Some only a pair of silent sign-holders.

In an effort to keep track of these and to provide readers with a format for adding new information and reports, I suggested to Bil that we establish a regular feature that might be updated and would act as a clearinghouse for demonstration/protest information. Perhaps it would contain a calendar, opportunity for comments and contributing photos.

This was foolish on my part because it has now fallen to me to produce the precursor to what may become a specific "page" on Bilerico.

For the moment, this woefully incomplete and ragged round-up will link you to the following efficiencies:

a) Karen Ocamb has a very posted a very good list.
b) Waymon Hudson is on top of things in Florida.
c) Go to "Join the Impact" for locations and times of the city hall protests scheduled all over the country for Saturday, November 15th.
d) Read Eric Leven for information about what will probably be a huge gathering of protest at Manhattan's Mormon Temple later today. I'll be there with camera and notepad.

Your comments and links would help us build a useful page.

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A better "Join the Impact" Page link (it is updated more often and is more complete) is:


I'm not a contributor, but I will be taking pictures and possibly a video in Atlanta.

Send 'em on in, Monica. You've guest posted often enough that you're honorary now. *grins*

Saturday after the event, I will be in my dark room, mixing chemicals and developing the negatives. Oh, wait. Wrong century.

I want you all to know I was Kicked off MANHUNT today because I emailed other fort LAuderdale members info on the gay rally in fort lauderdale saturday...the site wont respond to my phone calls or [email protected]
Unbelievable a site that makes its living off all gay men will not support our fight for civil rights