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Republican Attacks Gay Obama Supporters

Filed By Michael Crawford | November 10, 2008 10:00 AM | comments

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Tags: anti-gay violence, hate crimes against LGBT people, Republicans

Two gay men joining an impromptu rally celebrating the election of Barack Obama as our next president were attacked by an angry McCain supporter in Washington, DC. The men who were carrying a rainbow flag were rushing to join other Obama supporters heading to the White House.

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This attack shows the bitterness and anger that the Republican Party has used over the past decade to rally its base while dividing the American people. If the party continues in this direction, it will further alienate the majority of Americans while trying to appeal to an ever smaller portion of the electorate.

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They were lucky that a TV camera was there. If no one was around, that story could have had a completely different ending.

This is only going to get worse. These folks are stocking up on weapons. They literally think they're going to die once Obama takes office. They have complex theories about how he stole the election from McCain, the rightful heir to the throne. They've been marginalized in the political discourse. And these are the folks who think violence is the solution to every problem.

I ask that before we all jump on the Obama band wagon. That we wait and see what (if) he will be on our side or not. Don't be taken down the same road as Clinton. He screwed us so badly we are still smarting from his spineless political policy probably did more damage than Bush did (take your pick as to which one).