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Sign up to host a local event at Bayh's office telling him to stand up to Lieberman!

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Big news! Over 1,800 people around the country submitted letters to Harry Reid and Senate Democrats asking them to boot Joe Lieberman from the Democratic Caucus. (If you haven't already written one at, submit one here. Let's aim for 2,000 letters.)

The next step is letter-reading events at the local Senate offices of Harry Reid and other Democratic Senators. We'll invite media and create lots of buzz encouraging Dems to be bold and stand up to Lieberman.

If you already wrote a letter and want to help lead a local event, email [email protected] and include your location. If you haven't already written a letter and you want to help lead an event, there's a new check-off box on the letter-writing page.

Anyone with a Dem Senator can sign up to help lead an event. But here are the top 3 priorities:

  • Harry Reid - Nevada: Reid told Lieberman last week that he can stay in the Democratic Caucus only if he gives up his chairmanship of the powerful Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Lieberman refused. We need to encourage Reid to stand up strong to Lieberman, and not to back down.
  • Evan Bayh - Indiana: Bayh went on Fox and undercut efforts to hold Lieberman accountable -- saying that "in the spirit of forgiveness" and "reconciliation" Lieberman should not be penalized for endorsing John McCain and calling Democrats weak on terror. We need to let him know that his constituents want him to stand up to Lieberman.
  • Chris Dodd - Connecticut: Dodd undercut efforts to hold Lieberman accountable -- absurdly saying that penalizing Lieberman for endorsing John McCain and calling Democrats weak on terror would be against the spirit of Obama's win on Tuesday. What?? Dodd needs to know that Obama's win represents strength, not weakness -- the days of caving needlessly are over.

Can you write a letter to Democratic Senators -- and help lead events at their offices around the country? Write a letter or email [email protected] to help lead an event.

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