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Thanksgiving Day open thread

Filed By Bil Browning | November 27, 2008 8:30 AM | comments

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We're taking the day off here at Bilerico Project to spend time with our loved ones during the holidays. Here at the Browning-Davis ranch, Jerame's parents and brother are coming to our house for the first time (*gulp*) along with a few friends. This has Jerame up cooking already and if you know Jerame at all, you know 8am is awfully early for him! Where's Martha Stewart when you need her?

She's hanging out with Keith Olbermann! Maybe we can learn how to make a dessert while they talk about Prop 8... Long live Martha! Now if she could only show us how to put a pretty bow on Prop 8 and re-gift it to the religious right...

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Part two after the jump - along with whatever ya'll would like to talk about today. The floor is yours.

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If anyone whips up this concoction, they'd better send me a piece! Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 27, 2008 10:29 AM

Echoing Bil, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

I also want to encourage folks to see Milk which opens today in limited release and expands to wider release on December 5. It is an amazing film that could not have come at a better time.

In this political movement we need the kind of energy, passion and smarts that Harvey embodied. And, the rest of the nation needs to see the story of an gay American hero who gave his life to make country a better and more inclusive place.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I'm busy cooking up a storm here in Florida (it's cold! A chilly 76 degrees. LOL) with my husband and our family & friends.

I'm thankful for everyone here on Bilerico- my extended, crazy family. :)

I love you all. May you have a great holiday.

Monica F. Helms
Occasional Guest Blogger

A wonderful Thanksgiving to you all. The cooking is done here; we doing our best to work around the remodelling.

BTW--no pilgrim images please. They were the Donionist forerunners of our own Christian right..

My favorite Pilgrim video. I almost used it again today but then thought I should do something new. :)

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | November 27, 2008 1:10 PM

Turkeys of the world, unite! You have nothing to loose unless you're in a YouTube behind Sarah Palin and the guy olding you upside down is trying to match you up with cranberry sauce.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Don and Jerry

The last harvests of fall from my L.A. garden were celery, herbs and different kind of chilis for the stuffing. But it's California, so I'll be planting lettuce and other winter greens shortly, instead of letting snow have its way for a few months.

It's a reminder that starting over can follow closely on the heels of completion. Also that sometimes you have to just let some things happen. Volunteer seedlings don't come up if you hover over them too much. Good reminders for an activist.

Wednesday night, my Yorkie, Jewel, suffered a seizure. I talked to her calmly and lovingly as she went through it. When she came out of it, she was ataxic and took her to my neighbor, a veterinary student who helped me in my crisis. A few hours later, she suffered a second seizure. My partner and I took her to the vet teaching hospital's emergency room. They decided to keep her over the long holiday to make sure they can figure out what is causing the seizures. They call to keep me updated on her progress, which seems fair to good.

For Thursday, I made dinner for us and a friend who had no one to share dinner with. Sue and I were able to go to a movie. Our other Yorkie may be pregnant.

So what I am trying to say here is: I give thanks for a great partner, two wonderful pets who give us amazing opportunities for relating to this world and this life, for friends and neighbors who keep us connected, for a school filled with animal lovers who want to help. I give thanks for my family who have suffered the loss of Dad, criminal proceedings against my brother, moving my parents from Texas to Seattle. We made it through with love and dignity. I give thanks for my wonderful partner, Sue, who makes me a better person with her strength and love. I give thanks to a nation which is (albeit slowly) moving forward in recognizing that all people are deserving of equality. I give thanks to this board for patience in reading this long-winded essay. Thanks.

8 am?

hmmmph. Wimp. I started cooking at 1 am.

(Of course, I was cooking two complete dinners, so he can be forgiven).


I hope everyone had a wonderful start to their holiday season, and that it only gets better from here.