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The wonder that is Sarah Palin - on-screen turkey slaughter at her presser

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Paging Tina Fey, we need one more skit from you... it doesn't get any better/worse than this. The failed GOP Veep candidate gabs about the greatness of small business and happy turkeys while the fowl is offed behind her. And she knew what was going on.:

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The governor was being interviewed by a local television news station while the work of the Triple-D Farm and Hatchery continued.

That's when Governor Palin found herself in a less than desirable spot for the interview.

Just minutes after pardoning one turkey, a farm worker began processing another turkey just a few feet behind her, plainly visible in the background of the video.

Governor Palin was told by the photographer what was going on behind her and allowed the interview to continue.

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It was clever of her. What would have been a local news story in Alaska is now on mutliple news cycles in the lower 48.

Sooner or later, someone, probably Patrick Sammon from the LCR's, is going to make a "Leave Sarah Alone!" video.

Sooner or later, someone, probably Patrick Sammon from the LCR's, is going to make a "Leave Sarah Alone!" video.

OMG That cracked me up, Maura. I'm still giggling over that. I can picture it.

How appropos of Governor Palin, to appear with, pardon one of, the let us watch someone slaughter, some of her own. She is truly fowl.

If that woman ever ends up President, I'll be looking for a deserted island somewhere. She isn't fit to run a bait shop in the Aleutians.

She isn't fit to run a bait shop in the Aleutians.

But she could see it from her house! :)

I don't get it. How do people think meat gets to their table?

We haven't gotten to the point where we grow it in vats yet, and once we get there, I'll be first in line for a nice vat grown slab of steak.

They cut the head off the wrong turkey!

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | November 22, 2008 9:11 PM

All kidding aside, I think Sarah Palin exhibits a truly frightening and possibly pathological inability to empathize with other creatures. I am so grateful she’s not our next VP!

And beergoggles, while I do not eat meat, some people who do prefer that the animals be treated with respect, raised in decent conditions, and slaughtered as humanely as possible.

Reformed Ascetic | November 23, 2008 7:51 AM

I agree that her willingness to be interviewed in this setting not only betrays political inexperience/inability, but lack of empathy with the public. The ridiculous stories she has been trying to sell the public during her campaigning only led me to assume she was politically inept, but I think this could point to a fundamental problem on her part. Her poor unconvincing stories and inability to spot when she is being pranked by radio jocks combined with this probably do show a quite low level of interpersonal connection.

That alone wouldn't end her for party politics as W has shown. But she has also demonstrated an inability to ever constrain her own ambitions to serve others. Even overlooking the loyalty oaths she made her subordinates sign, she overthrew one of her own to get her present position. She then screwed McCain in what may well be the most public attempt at usurpation in modern national politics. Which she followed up by trying to (at least symbolically) claim leadership at the governor's conference.

She probably won't be going away for a while. She's now the political version of Paris or Brittany. A trainwreck people can't stop watching. Though she might not know it yet, her shot at real leadership is pretty much over.

The GOP will string her along for a while to get whatever usefulness they can out of her, but I think they know she could never be trusted.