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Another introduction in another hall

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As the official blogmother, it's my joy and jubilation to announce that we have a new contributor!

3069366188_89fc1751b7.jpgPlease join me in welcoming Nathan Strang to the Bilerico family! Nathan came to our attention at the LGBT Bloggers Initiative in DC earlier this month where he was representing his own blog, Buffawhat?

Nate's a tech geek, but he's not your usual plastic chaser. He's super cute, very smart, extra charming, and a lotta crazy. He'll fit right in with the lot of us, eh?

Please help me give him a warm welcome. Nate's been lurking in the comment section lately so if you're a regular Projector, introduce yourself properly! Show some manners! And elbows off the table!

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Welcome Nate! It was great meeting you at the conference and I'm glad you've come on board! Beware the crazy little family that is Bilerico. :)

Yay! Another tech geek!

Welcome Nate! I'll be anxious to discuss all things uber-geeky with you.

AtomicPlayboy | December 19, 2008 11:05 AM

Well, isn't he precious?
Greetings from Amsterdam

Thanks Guys! Wow, who'da thunk that that a little DC conference would let me meet all these crazy awesome bloggers. Its a total privilege to get to contribute.

@Scott, I'll be filling in the Gay Geeks section a bit. Every gay needs his gear, and we're not talking just whips and chains.

Is that your "Weird Al" look? I love it! Welcome.

Buffalo in the house!!



Buffalo is indeed in this hizzouse.

It was interesting to see all the bloggers from Buffalo that I met at the DC LBGT conference, though none of them actually live in Buff anymore... makes sense really.


Okay. Let him in.

P.S. Is the fact that Bil is referencing Evita in his title a bit too gay?

Is there such a thing as too gay?

You know, after 70+ of these posts, a guy runs out of post titles, Prince... :)

Any suggestions for upcoming announcements would be appreciated. LOL

"Oh What a Circus, Oh What a 'Mo"

"Buenos Aires...Fairies"

"I'd Be Surprisingly Gay for You"

"Don't Cry for Me, Dame Edna Everage"

"Rainbow High" [No word change necessary]

It was nice meeting you in DC! I'm glad you joined up!