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Barney Frank Keynote

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Rep. Barney Frank Keynote at GLII Luncheon from Jerame Davis on Vimeo.

This is the keynote address Rep Barney Frank gave at the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute luncheon. Those of attending the LGBT bloggers conference also attended. I've held on to it because I wanted to provide a transcript (Barney Frank is not the easiest to understand sometimes!), but I've never done it. If anyone is willing to provide a transcript, I'd be happy to post it.

Thankfully, he says a united ENDA is a priority and that it will pass now that Obama has been elected. He also touches on hate crimes, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, any many other LGBT issues.

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What do you mean not easy to understand? Who can ? He helped bring down the economy as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee by not insisting on SEC regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
One of Fannie Mae’s main defenders in the House – Barney a recipient of more than $40,000 in campaign donations from Fannie since 1989 – was once romantically involved with Herb Moses, a Fannie Mae executive. The news media have covered the relationship in the past, but there have been no mentions since 2005, according to Nexis and despite the collapse of Fannie Mae. The July 3, 1998, Reliable Source column in The Washington Post reported Frank, who is openly gay, had a relationship with Herb Moses, an executive for the now-government controlled Fannie Mae. The column revealed the two had split up at the time but also said Frank was referring to Moses as his “spouse.” Another Washington Post report said Frank called Moses his “lover” and that the two were “still friends” after the breakup.
From Media Matters:
"The media coverage of Frank’s coziness with Fannie Mae and his pro-Fannie Mae stances has been lacking. Of the eight appearances Frank made on the three broadcasts networks between Jan. 1, 2008, and Sept. 21, 2008, none of his comments dealt with the potential conflicts of interest. Only six of the appearances dealt with the economy in general and two of those appearances, including an April 6, 2008 appearance on CBS’s “60 Minutes” were about his opposition to a manned mission to Mars."

Personally, I find Frank to be contemptible in many ways, but $40K in 20 years is NOT a lot of money. I'm sure Barney has gotten a combined total well into the hundreds of thousands from the finance sector as a whole.

$2000 a year won't buy you much of a congressman. I'm sure it buys you some favor, but his ties to banking and finance as a whole are much more troubling. Fannie/Freddie are just one piece of a bigger puzzle.

And lets be clear - if you can't trust the guy not to sell out a segment of his own "community", how can you trust him not to sell out the whole of the American people?

But for now, he and Tammy are all we've got in Congress. Let's work on electing some better representatives of the LGBT community to Congress so we can worry less about the rapscallions like Barney Frank.

I think we might have a better chance on creating change by giving up on the idea of working within the halls of power. Trickle down doesn't work for social justice any better than it does in economics.

We should only expect to wait if we want to rely upon politicians and/or political parties to help us out.

It won't happen that way.

Yes, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapsed the economy. And the Muslims are going to take over the world and convert everyone to Islam, Mexicans are immigrating to the US in order to reclaim the West as part of "Aztlan," Barack Obama is part of a sleeper terror cell, and LGBT people are out to destroy Western Culture.

And the media's been completely silent about Herbert Moses, except when the Limbaugh crowd was crowing about him for two months putting the entire blame for the whole situation on him and his sodomy-based relationship with the loan giants.

This is all a perfect conspiracy theory, which even has the governor of the fed involved.

Fannie Mae had nothing to do with what happened to the economy. The United States simply spent its credit line to the point where the bonds were unstable and they got dumped on the Singapre market, driving down the dollar and inducing a run on US companies stock values.

Iraq and the Bush tax cuts had everything to do with what happened to the economy.

i also think barney is VERY easy to udnerstand. i really wish these corrupt criminal puppets and celebrity embarrassments, would stop pretending to speak for me.

Everyday Transperson | December 28, 2008 3:36 PM

Mr. Merrill, have a look at this link and see who on that HRC diversity committee also works for Fannie May............

Also, quite ironic that Mr. Sanchez is now a member of one of HRC's advisory councils after he was awarded that position on Barney's staff..........

They appear to be all in bed with each other, every last one of them with Joe as the ringleader.

I'm sure they are greasing palms with the media as well just like they are with corporate America via the GLBT elitists who have sold the rest of us out so that they could get their corporate fame and glory !!

"Now a member"? I'm pretty sure he was already a member when the ENDA controversy erupted. It's my understanding that he didn't leave, but continued to work from the inside to attempt to effect change.

This is one reason Barney doesn't mention DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. He doesn't want to remind people about his breakup with Moses and fan the flames of the Freddie Mac scandal.

You left out a new House member, Jared Polis. I did my part to elect him, by donating the max amount allowed by law. He listed LGBT issues on his campaign website, unlike others recommended that I didn't support for that reason. If they are not out in print on LGBT issues, they don't get my money.

Right Patrick,
This is only in the draft stage, but eventually we might be able to twist some balls.


We, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people of The United States of America, deplore the existing Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), signed into law by President Clinton on September 21, 1996.. The General Accounting Office (GAO) has noted that there are “a total of 1,138 federal statutory provisions in which marital status is a factor in determining or receiving benefits, rights, and privileges..We are calling for the U.S. Congress to end its discriminatory practices against same-sex married couples, and to implement immediate action to repeal DOMA by April 15, 2009 and sent to the White House to be signed by President Obama., As equal citizens under the U.S. Constitution denied our inalienable rights to marry and the “pursuit of happiness“, we the people will not file Federal income tax forms for the year of 2008. .

Repealing DOMA will not do a damn thing for those LGBT people who want a job and are not hired, or fired for being who they are. (Please note, I'm highlight "LGBT" because employment affects ALL of us. DOMA affects far less people. Again with the bass-ackwards priorities?)

Congress will probably work in this order:
Repeal DADT
T- inclusive Hate crimes
T- Inclusive ENDA
Then repeal DOMA.

You always pass the easiest legislation first. Get something on Obama's desk and signed into law, then work on the next one.

Keep in mind that the economy is Job One, and don't be shocked if ENDA gets amended into a stimulus or recovery bill. Likewise, DADT could be amended into an Iraq war bill. Congress works in its own special way.

Marriage is important, but it has been a matter of cart before horse over the past few years, and has caused a heavy backlash in areas where the basics (i.e. ENDA and hate crimes) have not yet been addressed. Now, in states in the midwest and south, no GLBT rights legislation is possible. And, lest I remind everyone, T is still not included in state ENDA laws in New York and Mass. I remember something being said about "we'll come back for you?". Better come back soon, y'hear?