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Bilerico DC Meetup: The Red-Hot Details

Filed By Michael Crawford | December 04, 2008 7:30 AM | comments

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Bil mentioned a few days ago that a gaggle of contributors will be bringing the Bilerico fierceness to DC for the LGBT Bloggers Summit and would love to meet you while in town.

Here are the details:

Bilerico DC Meetup

DATE/TIME: Saturday, December 6 5:30(ish)-7:30pm
LOCATION: Artfully Chocolate 1529C 14TH Street NW (closest metro stops are U St Cardozo on the Green line and Dupont Circle on the Red line)


After the jump, a list of which Bilerico contributors you can see in the flesh...

  • Jerame Davis
  • Waymon Hudson
  • Michael Crawford
  • Serena Freewomyn
  • Father Tony
  • Alex Blaze
  • Rev Irene Monroe
  • Cathy Renna
  • Jeremy Bishop
  • Paige Schilt
  • Mike Rogers
  • Pam Spaulding
  • Nan Hunter
  • Terrance Heath
  • Sara Whitman
  • Nancy Polikoff
  • Eric Leven
  • Steve Ralls
  • Simon Aranoff
  • Bil Browning

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I think I'll pass on seeing some of you "in the flesh." (grin)

Where is your sense of adventure? ;)

Steve Ralls and Simon Aranoff aren't attending the conference, but they will be at the meetup.

I've also heard from Rebecca Armendariz of Washington Blade and Dana Rudolph from Mombian and they've said they'd like to attend.

I hope to see a lot of readers there. This should be fun!

Waymon has promised to be in his party dress. I'll bring my riding crop. ;^)

Artfully Chocolate? I knew there was a reason I loved you guys. Yes, I'll be there! (OK, I'd go even if there wasn't chocolate involved, but it doesn't hurt.)

I will be attending the summit as well and will be at the meet up. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Hey everyone. I'll be there, too!

Oh sure! You do this on a weekend that I'm not in DC *sniff and snivel*

This is so not fair.


Tell you what. You come down to Atlanta and I'll treat you to dinner and you can cry on my shoulder.

(Hey! You can't blame a girl for trying.)

Sorry I won't be there to meet everyone in person, my burlap dress is at the cleaners ;) Have a great time!

Sounds like fun! I plan on attending as well.

How about Bilerico creating a series of YouTube "talking head" bios or commentaries that people can click on. It'll be the closest that many of us can get to "meeting in the flesh"

Good idea! Bil & Michael - I can bring our digital video camera if you'd like.

Looks like Bobby and I aren't going to be able to make it after all. =-( Bobby is fighting off a migraine.