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Colin Powell on DADT

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"We defiantly should reevaluate it...it's been fifteen years and attitudes have changed. I'm quite sure that's what President-Elect Obama would want to do."

--General Colin Powell

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DADT is responsible for discharges irrespective of merit, the loss of benefits and retirement and an unknown number of violent assaults and murders by bigots who were empowered by it's open bigotry and branding of GLBT service members. The brainchild of Nunn, Powell and Clinton, it codified military bigotry and made it the law of the land.

Colin Powell thought that endorsing Obama would get him a plumb job but Obama had to placate the pro war crowd with Hillary the Hawk and he retained Bushls Republican war CEO Gates.

Now Powell is soldiering on, making another attempt to snuggle up to the new administration in hopes of at least being an ambassador or something. But he has a lot or memories to erase. The My Lai cover-up. The first Gulf War Kill Box. And his campaign of lies about WMDs to justify both Clintons and Bush’s genocide in Iraq.

That marching band represents the lone of the biggest concessions we’ve gotten from the Obama, and His courage in permitting them to march is awesome. Simply breathtaking. It’s on a par with appointing this or that LGBT person to this or that, which would be difficult to avoid given our numbers. And it’s even more heartwarming coming from the man who wouldn't stop shouting 'god's in the mix'.