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Conservative media going intellectually bankrupt

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Cliff Kincaid, the editor of the conservative Accuracy in Media, took to the web to share his hatred-laden viewpoint that "Pro-homosexual media is going bankrupt."

I guess it's a shame that conservative personalities like Kincaid are causing their media to go intellectually bankrupt. Kincaid says:

What should be addressed is one of [Bush's] precious few "legacies" - that of promoting the acceptance of homosexuality - which some conservatives do not want to admit or address. It is a record that Barack Obama will build and expand upon.

Bush would prefer to call it "compassionate conservatism," but there is nothing compassionate about wasting taxpayer dollars promoting a "lifestyle" that spreads disease and death.

To prove his point that Bush has supported a "lifestyle" leading to "death," Kincaid spends three long paragraphs talking about the ills of the global AIDS pandemic and how Bush has spent "billions of our tax dollars" in the fight against the disease.

I guess Kincaid never took the time to research the underlying causes of the African and global AIDS epidemic. Neither have hardly anything to do with LGBT people. Maybe Kincaid should take the log out of his heterosexual world's eye before trying to pick out the spec in the queer world's eye. He's starting to sound like a little Jesse Helms.

Finally, after reading about facts and figures that have absolutely zero to do with LGBT people, Kincaid finally gets to his point: Bush has promoted gay people to serve in his administration, and, somehow, that makes him pro-gay.

Kincaid paints all the news organizations as "pro-homosexual" for their lack of "critical coverage" of Bush's gay appointments. Perhaps the media recognize, as Bush might, that all Americans are entitled to serve their country (if only Bush could apply that same rhetoric to Don't Ask, Don't Tell and marriage).

Kincaid says:

Even the "conservative" Fox News was a sponsor of this year's National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA). Other sponsors were CBS, CNN, ESPN, Gannett, Hearst Newspapers, NBC Universal, the McClatchy Company, the Washington Post, and Bloomberg.

And you thought that Fox News and NBC were rivals? Not on the matter of cozying up to the gays. They're strange bedfellows on the matter of gay rights. This crowd considers criticism of homosexuality a hate crime.

He goes on to list every article or piece of news coverage that's even slightly pro-gay. He conveniently ignores any mention of conservative-spun news pieces.

"It's no wonder 'mainstream; media outlets like Newsweek are losing readers and jobs," Kincaid writes. "They deserve to go economically bankrupt because they have demonstrated they are morally bankrupt."

Yeah, whatever, and Kincaid deserves to have his funding pulled right up from under him, too. He deserves to go economically bankrupt because he's demonstrated that he's intellectually bankrupt. He can't make an argument, can't write an opinion piece and brings in straw men and unrelated points that only serve to add to the perception of just how disconnected from reality he is.

What's up with this continued minority syndrome of radical Christians? At last check, Christianity was the world's largest religion. Why does it seem, through their eyes, that all of the world's power is set against them? If you ask me, it's starting to sound a little paranoid schizophrenic.

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"Going"? Oh, honey, time to come out of the rock and notice that we're not even on a transitional level anymore.

Damn Lucrece, you beat me to it.

Its going, going...............GONE!

The "going intellectually bankrupt" part was a play on Kincaid's original article's title.

I guess it was way over everyone's head.

The media -- conservative and liberal alike -- will be having their problems with literal bankruptcy as well.

It hasn't been in the news much, but the company that owns the L.A. Times has filed for chapter 11. Several smaller LGBT publications, that I know of, have folded in the last month, including Red Magazine out of Phoenix and Clout, published by the Long Beach Press-Telegram. I will be writing more about this.

Anthony in Nashville | December 17, 2008 9:45 AM

I look forward to your article about the plight of the gay press. I feel that in the LGBT's desire for mainstream acceptance, we ignore "our" institutions, including the gay media outlets that for many years were our only source of LGBT news.

"If you ask me, it's starting to sound a little paranoid schizophrenic."

STARTING to sound paranoid schizophrenic? Where have you been?

Long ago, I had said that "christian news" groups ONLY hire paranoid schizophrenics with an obsession for homosex.

There's a lot of things I hate (bad music, for one) - do you think I'm going to waste my time obsessing over Britney's shit music? I'm going to listen to the music I LIKE.

This Cliff Kincaid guy is just one retarded person "christians" are exploiting, to keep their readers hyperventilating over gay topics.

Er, sorry, but you might want to check a few facts, like for instance, Islam is the largest religion in the world now, it surpassed Catholicism just this past year.

I just love Google.

As far as christians go, well evangelical/fundamentalist churches are a minority in the christian faith for the most part. Of course that is counting catholicism. If you look at just the protestant version, well then it gets a little hard to tell.

Morality is kind of like evil, it can depend on where you come from as to what the relative morality of your actions may be. Cultures may share some of the same ideas or beliefs when it comes to weighing the morality of an act, but generally there are very few precepts that are universally accepted by all people.

'Christian' values are by no means universal.

Actually, Christians are still the largest group. Their are more Muslims than Catholics actually.

Your right many of the more extreme Christian groups like to play the part of the persecuted minority. Why? Because it makes them seem superior and gives them a type of authority. They use the argument that true Christians are always persecuted by the ruling powers of this corrupt and dirty world. Also they use it their minority status to claim that they are the inheritors of the early Christians legacy and all that.

Its really a interesting and strange kind of power play they are involved in.

The House just passed a resolution condemning "persecution" of a group that makes up 75% of the US population. Wanna guess what group?

No fair, you peeked.

Thip thip thip thip - that's the sound of bucks flying through the air from the flock to the guys in shiny suits. Remember Emilio Estevez' mom and dad in Repo Man?

Persecution is a perennial money maker.

Persecution is a perennial money maker.

It's also a great way to keep followers. "You will be persecuted. In fact, God wants you to be persecuted to test your faith. You'd better make it through!"


Long ago, I had said that "christian news" groups ONLY hire paranoid schizophrenics with an obsession for homosex.
And - lets not forget - a 'vampire-to-sunlight'-esque aversion to the truth.

No - it was obvious. I just think we need to take the accuracy high road.

Welcome to TBP, and be sure to say hi to the tough crowd that frequents these parts!