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Decorating for Christmas

Filed By Bil Browning | December 13, 2008 10:30 AM | comments

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We'll will be decorating the house for Christmas today. Powerplant.jpgWe'll put up the tree, start our yearly display of cards we receive, and put out our Simpsons Christmas village. (Seriously - we have the whole damn town!) We're going to skip a holiday party this year because of the recession.

What are your plans for the holidays? Have you decorated? Will you be traveling or staying at home? Going to have a party? Got a picture of your decorations on Flickr or your own blog? Leave us a link!

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Here at the Wildcat Press office, we have a huge wreath with twinkle lights on it, that hangs on the wall and is visible through the big front window. A few gift candles and poinsettia plants are sitting around the office. I've decorated my vegetable garden in the side patio with new little plants for the winter crop of lettuce, chard, broccoli, etc. (this is Los Angeles). We tend to go light on the decor because this is always a busy season in our business, filling gift orders.

Wildcat does have a wonderful family of friends who usually congregate for a holiday dinner, though we aren't obsessive about having it on the 25th, since we're not Christians. I love cooking a big ranch-type dinner for them because it reminds me of the wonderful holidays back home on the Montana ranch when I was a kid. Plus there's a magic about a country-type kitchen that draws people together. Last year it was a huge roast rubbed with chipotle that I ordered from an Idaho ranch that raises organic grass-fed beef. This year I'll probably do something different. Whatever it is, my cat will get her little plate of sharings.

We didn't send any holiday cards this year, and so far we've gotten only a few, instead of the usual deluge, so everybody else is cutting back the same way. I notice that fewer homes in our neighborhood have displays of holiday lights, and night traffic is way lighter than it used to be. Even though we're on a residential street that many people take to get to Wilshire Boulevard, the area is often small-town dead quiet late at night now. Signs of the times.

Ok, I am not even a Christian and I am green with envy that you have an entire Simpsons Christmas Village. One more reason to to think Bil and Jerame are way cool -- they are Simpsons Geeks!

Happy holidays,

Eh, Jerame's not a Christian either. But it's Simpsons, so it's cool... :) Most of our decorations aren't "spiritual" in any way; I just like the baubles and brightness. I tend to get seasonal depression, so the bright lights and doo dads serve to cheer me up. LOL

What are we doing for Christmas? We're going to get the heck out of freezing cold NYC and go to Key West for the month! I'm dreaming of a sunny Christmas!