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Dr. Firpo Carr masturbates dogs?

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Pam posted yesterday about Dr. Firpo Carr's crazy homophobic column in the LA Sentinel, Los Angeles's African American paper. Jim Burroway gave him his Peter LaBarbara Award for his outrageousness, and Jasmyne Cannick gave him her "Negro Please" Award. Accolades all around.

Well, Carr responded to Jasmyne:

Above a photo of me lifted from my Web site ( that has been defaced with horns you write: "This Week's Negro Please Award Goes to the Man Who Said 'God Pays Gays With AIDS.'" As professionals, one would think we could disagree without being disagreeable. Actually, you've misrepresented me and my article. The real title of my article is in the form of a question, namely, "God Pays Gays With AIDS?" It should be obvious that it is not a definitive statement. Have you falsely misrepresented me for dramatic purposes? In both this article and the previous one I wrote, "Why Blacks Don't Like Gays" (November 20-26, 2008) I nowhere state unequivocally that God has punished gays with AIDS.

Yup, the question-mark defense. Hence the title of this post. I'm not saying unequivocally that Dr. Carr masturbates dogs, but I don't really have enough evidence to rule it out. You all can decide for yourselves if Dr. Carr likes to get dogs off.

Since you followed this post over the jump, you might be wondering, Where are Alex's pictures of Dr. Carr masturbating a dog? Now, I don't know if you are wondering that, but you definitely might be wondering that, and that's all I claimed in the previous sentence. And if you are wondering that, then you're a pervert.

Now, if we're going to go even further with this analogy, let's look at this sentence from the column:

Aside from HIV/AIDS there is a laundry list of "gay" (and later "lesbian") diseases that most don't know about, and that the Sodomites, et al probably had.

To write a parallel sentence for my blog post, it would look something like this:

Aside from dogs there is a laundry list of "Carr-masturbated" (and later "Dobsonian") animals that most don't know about, and that the homophobic fundie preachers, et al probably fondled.

I wouldn't want to imply that I had any sort of proof here that Dr. Firpo Carr masturbates dogs. But, under his standards, I can write that sentence and it doesn't imply that I actually mean it. It's a rhetorical exercise, I suppose.

One other thing we learn about Dr. Carr is that his late sister and his daughter are both out lesbians. I wonder if that has anything to do with his extremism?

The point here isn't that Dr. Carr is a homophobe. He clearly is. The real point is that he's a dishonest homophobe, printing lies about GLB people, and a cowardly homophobe, who can't even defend his own accusations when pressed on them by others. If he wasn't willing to defend the claim that God punishes gays with AIDS, then he shouldn't have used it as a title, question mark or no question mark.

And I hope this doesn't reflect on the LA Sentinel's journalistic integrity. A column like this is more appropriate (though still not appropriate) in a Michael Savage radio rant, WorldNetDaily, or the NY Post, not a respectable newspaper.

The last, unrelated point is that I'm going to see if this post gets lots of Google traffic, what with the title and the repetition of the phrase "dog masturbator." It's not you who I think is a pervert, but the next person reading this blog post.

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"masturbates dogs" as Google bait? Oh, Alex. That's a new low - even for me. *grins*

But, yeah, I'm guessing Carr likes large breeds. Just a guess. After all, it was a question.

Masturbates dogs?........Please, I heard he has sex with goats in public roadways?

Don't know if Firpo (Harpo?) goes Greek with French poodles or not, but a 'phobe such as this probably isn't hung as well as the typical shihtzu.

Second only to the Question Mark of Shirked Responsibility is the Probably of Innuendo. Good work!

Careful, you are going to get the SPCA's undies in a bundle if you keep this up.

I mean do you really think that it wouldn't be a cruelty for the good Dr. to be doing his wife's pekingnese?

My phone has been ringing off the hook here since 6: am about this. Seems that an acquaintance of a number of us, Dr Cai McMahon, commented on the Sentinel and Carr responded, calling her "Sir(she is a woman of operative history)


Couple of dozen NY State Lesbians ready and willing to head off to LA this am.....

Cai McMahon--a Sir?

This gent is a moron.

Cai is arguably the highest positioned woman of trans history in the world. Carr looked up and noted that she is the Psychiatrist of the year for last year, missed that she is the current Psychiatrist of the Year Internationally.

This insult is transphobia on an epic scale, but where is the trans community howls of outrage here?

In the interest of full disclosure, Dr. McMahon is also a very dear friend of mine.

Now I'm HOPING Firpo Carr gets mauled by dogs - and I mean Dobermans, not poodles. A mistake in gender pronouns is one thing; to do so deliberately and not to even attempt hiding scorn and contempt for one's gender identity, is intrinsically evil.

Firpo Carr is no man of God. He's obviously an evil scumbag of a human being.

All dog jokes aside, I hope Firpo Carr gets mauled by a rabid attack dog. That way, he can meet Lucifer that much quicker. He sure isn't meeting God.

Well, I read the thing finally. It is a vile thing of him to do to her