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Even Michelle Malkin is making fun of "Truthers" like Advance Indiana

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In an article dated December 5th, Michelle Malkin laments the people she calls "Truthers" - the conspiracy kooks who come up with the stupidest shit possible to undermine a political candidate. While she lays mostly into the left in her screed, she does mention the kooks who are pushing the "Obama's birth certificate is a fake" meme.

An excerpt:

Alas, Trutherism thrives on both the left and right. Which brings us to the spate of lawsuits challenging President-elect Barack Obama's U.S. citizenship. On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court considers one of those suits, filed by New Jersey citizen Leo Donofrio, who maintains that Obama is not a "natural born citizen" because his father held British citizenship.

There may be the seed of a legitimate constitutional issue to explore here -- how is the citizenship requirement enforced for presidential candidates, anyway? And at least Donofrio concedes that Obama was born in Hawaii. But a dangerously large segment of the birth-certificate hunters have lurched into rabid Truther territory. The most prominent crusader against Obama's American citizenship claim, lawyer Philip Berg (who, not coincidentally, is also a prominent 9/11 Truther) disputes that Obama was born in Hawaii and claims that Obama's paternal grandmother told him she saw Obama born in Kenya.

Anyone who still gives a passing glance to the once great Advance Indiana knows they are still trying to push this idiocy almost daily. I still don't know whether I should look upon AI with shame or scorn, but this is exactly why most of us have given up on them as a source.

You know, it's pretty sad when you're being called "Kooky" by the likes of Michelle Malkin. Maybe it's time Advance Indiana read something other than World Nut Net Daily for their "news".

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Is bashing AI a couple of times a month helping anything? We all know he's nuts. The lunatic fringe thrives on attention of any kind, so why give him any?

Mainly it amuses me, but there is also that AI used to be an excellent blog. It used to be informative, edgy, and sane. Now it's just a mockery of right wing blather. That's sad.

I used to consider Gary at least a good acquaintance. I don't know why his writing turned toward such far out places, but he long ago made it personal.

So I take the occasional dig. That's the fun thing about blogging - you can talk about what you want. I like pointing out that AI has lost its way. I'd like to see it come back to reality, but until then, I'll poke fun.

Nothign stops conspiracy nuts. You make fun of them they just say you're "sheeple". You point out the facts, they just say "you're in on it" and "you're just stupid and blind".

Unfortunately, they can't be ignored, either - they're devoting their whole days to pushing their bull, and won't stop until their delusions are treated as gospel.