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"Ex-Gay" Raises Money to Target LGBT Youth

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File this under "Oh, no she didn't!"

One time "militant homosexual" and current "ex-gay" demagouge Charlene Cothran has announced a new ministry aimed at ex-gaying LGBT youth.

I am also thankful to introduce The EVIDENCE Ministry, Inc. God has been gracious, merciful and patient with us all. He has allowed our talented Board of Directors, whom we will introduce soon, to carefully lay the foundation for a loving ministry whose mission is to reach those who want to be free from homosexuality with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to offer tools to prevent homosexuality in today's youth and to offer hope & spiritual healing to parents and family members of gays and lesbians.

Like we're really going to sit idly by while she and her minions go after gay kids.

Before crossing over to the dark side, Cothran was publisher of Venus Magazine, once the most widely read publication targeting African-American lesbians. The Venus Magazine site is now ground zero for Charlene Cothran's efforts to beat the gay out of people like you and me.

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Of course, where there's an "ex-gay," there's a request for money:

Our prayer is that God will send 100 people to make a one-time donation of $300 or more or to donate $30 a month for one year.

That's right, homo-hatred for the holidays!

And, because Cothran's ministry is currently not recognized as a tax deductible church or ministry we have to take her word for it when she says she "will use 100% of your Year-End donation to achieve our ministry goals."

As Rod McCullom points out, "Charlene Cothran has quickly become a pawn in the evangelical social conservative scheme to use gays as a wedge issue into the black church." They are busy promoting Cothran's story and painting gays as terrorists out to destroy America by fighting for equal treatment under the law.

The Anti-Gays have stoked divisions between LGBT people and African-Americans to achieve their nefarious goals. In California they conducted intensive outreach to Black voters urging them to vote for Prop 8. Gays blaming Black voters for Prop 8's passage is falling into the evangelical anti-gay trap.

We would do well to fight efforts by right-wingers like Cothran to target LGBT youth and to increase our own efforts to reach out to African-Americans.

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And then people wonder why gay teens commit suicide. It's because of movements like this. So irresponsible.

I WOULD AGREE!!! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE BE WHO THEY ARE???!!!! Why does there need to be "EX-GAY" camps or ministries?!!! CAN WE SAY....DISCRIMINATION?! It's like the holocaust...they killed people and stripped people of their rights...now it's happening again...it's a sick cycle. The "Ex-Gay" camps or ministries are KILLING GLBT peoples identity. Not cool at ALL!

What is it about these people that if they seemingly are cured of whatever they had, they have to then go off and create a ministry to screw over other people. It's like they don't want to be away from queer people or cannot be away from us queers (I say queer in full recognition of all LGBTQ people, ok, Autumn? Or was it someone else I read on the Blend?).

Anyway, I'm just waiting for ministry by atheists so I can finally find my way out of this horrid fun that I'm living.... he said sarcastically.

no no we need to work up even if it is tongue in cheek ex hetero ministries to show them how stupid they really are...