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FL: David Duke comes to aid of ex-Klan leader's son in dustup over County GOP seat

Filed By Pam Spaulding | December 03, 2008 11:00 AM | comments

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Here's a nice blast from the past -- I guess former KKK grand wizard and Louisiana pol David Duke hasn't gotten the message that his seal of approval isn't exactly a plus.

He's jumping into the fray over the election of Derek Black to Palm Beach County's Republican Executive Committee. He's the son of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Don Black, who declares that he's not a white supremacist, but he "would describe myself as a white person who is concerned about discrimination against white people."

That worldview -- and the fact that Derek Black refused to sign a loyalty oath pledging he would not do anything injurious to the GOP -- has made GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein hopping mad.

"He participates in white supremacist activities," Dinerstein said. "We're the party of Lincoln. We're the party that says we don't judge anybody by the color of their skin."

...A community college student who was home-schooled in West Palm Beach, Black once contributed a kids page to his father's Stormfront Internet forum around the time he was 12. The page included puzzles, games, animated Confederate flags and white-pride songs. He has since helped with his father's Internet audio broadcasts.

But did voters really have any idea who he is?

Duke leaned in. "Irrelevant question," Duke said. "He got the votes. He won election."

I think this is just another sign of the decline of the Republican party. The McCain/Palin mobs made it clear that it's the party of old fogies, bigots and the under-educated -- former Klansmen and white supremacists fit right into the mix of the dwindling Base. Black the younger was pleased that he drew votes from "old Cuban men" to win. And Duke's still unafraid to work up his peeps with naked anti-Semitism.

Duke, who lives in Louisiana, said he won't be in West Palm Beach for the Wednesday meeting, but he conducted an Internet broadcast with Don Black from the restaurant. The Grateful Dead's Truckin' blared over the eatery's music system in the background. In the broadcast, the men took Dinerstein to task: He has "chutzpah" to take an "anti-democratic" position, Duke said.

It's a line Duke has used before on his Web site: "Sid Dinerstein, a Jewish-extremist loyalist to Israel, has the chutzpah to think that he has the right to deny Derek Black his legally elected office because he doesn't like Mr. Black's views."

* AmTaliban Tony Perkins paid David Duke $82K for mailing list

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Wilson46201 | December 3, 2008 2:28 PM

Local GOP petty bigot and smalltown gossip Gary Welsh just posted to his blog: Perhaps a lot of those white people you so easily describe as racists are more than fed up with the racism the Democratic Party promotes among African-Americans towards white Americans. The blatant racism practiced by many Democratic African-American elected officials in this country is spine-chilling. Sounds like Gary would feel quite at home amongst the Duke family!

Welsh's blog also just declared our new progressive Democratic Congressman André Carson of Indianapolis to be: a traitor to his own country who is aligned with international terrorists.

Gary Welsh is one sick, twisted fuck...