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God didn't make you gay!

Filed By Michael Crawford | December 17, 2008 1:00 PM | comments

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Sorry to break the news to you, but God didn't make you gay. Or, so says Christian Hosoi, a professional skateboarder who became a born-again Christian after being incarcerated for trafficking crystal meth.

While I give Christian props for his conversion from dealing meth, I am not so thrilled with him dealing in the kind of anti-gay propaganda that causes gay kids to grow up hating themselves.

Gay kids have enough to deal with without "Christian" throwing in his less than Christian bigotry.

So, Christian just as you think you need to look The Gays in the eye to tell us that "being gay is a sin," I'm here to let you know that God don't like ugly.

And, that wicked brand of homophobia masquerading as Christianity that you're peddling is just plain ugly.

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The Goddess didn't make him a christian either......

Wow that's an amazingly weak argument and somewhat self contradictory.

I thought everyone on crystal meth becomes just a little bit gay.

I feel like someone is over-compensating.

God isn't gay because god doesn't lie?
A bit, more than a bit condescending...

And besides, God is a Lesbian...who else would have the tools on hand to create the universe in 6 days?

Why is it the so-called "christians" who are the first to condemn gay people are in many (if not most) cases, former crystal meth dealers, former drug addicts, or former jailbirds?

Nevermind that they ruined countless lives and killed several people pushing crystal meth - it's the gays who need to be condemned, NOT drug dealers.

He's a professional skateboarder. Why should anyone give a f--k what he thinks about religion or sexuality? It's not like he's an expert on God or Gay...

It's not God's plan for me to feel bad about myself because of a Christian ex-dealer/skateboarder's view of the universe.

Just another example of a radical evangelical, who quotes the Bible, but has clearly never read it.

1. The Christ never said being gay was a sin - He never mentioned it at all. (unless you want to quote the newly found Gospel of Judas -- no, I'm not kidding.)

2. Worse, by this unenlightened child's logic, one would have to conclude that God is a polygamist, a murderer, and a slave owner -- all images of man the Bible champions, and which the Christ never condemned.

It's sad that so many people claim to follow something they are incapable of truly understanding.

+ Phil

It sounds like he sampled a bit too much of his own product back in the day.

When I start listening to some skateboarding burn out who probably doesn't even have two brain cells left to rub together, then I will definitely eat that bullet.


"God doesn't like sin."

Wow. That's a deep thought.

Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | December 23, 2008 10:59 AM

Making pronouncements about the least of these his brothers and sisters (as gauged by national hate crime statistics) must be lots easier than working on his own issues. Methinks the fella would do well to review his twelve-step materials.