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Google Analytics on California's future

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Want to know where your fellow Projectors are from? Darker green means that more people are from that state:


Here are the top 10 states:

  1. California

  2. New York

  3. Indiana

  4. Texas

  5. Florida

  6. Georgia

  7. Virginia

  8. Illinois

  9. Massachusetts

  10. Pennsylvania

California wasn't the number 1 state for a while after TBP relaunched as a national LGBTQ website in July, 2007. But even just four months ago, back in a typical week in August, 2008, California only clicked on this site about twice as often as Indiana (a good benchmark, since we've been around in Indiana forever and there hasn't been a huge queer political event here recently). This past week, however, California sent four-and-a-half times as many readers as Indiana. And Indiana didn't go down.

Bil and I were talking about this in the car-ride back from DC this past week - has gay activism changed as a result of prop 8 or has there been a burst of interest for a while and everything will go back to normal? I fell into the "This is definitely a new era" category; Bil didn't think anything had fundamentally changed - the same model of activism will eventually prevail.

But these Google numbers shed some light on this. I doubt TBP was alone in experiencing a boost of California readers over these past few months; while I don't have access to other numbers, I'd be willing to bet that most other major LGBTQ politics blogs and news sites experienced a similar burst. And that's a lot of people starting to follow queer politics on a day-to-day basis, which will only lead to increased politicization.

One of the things that held us back before Prop 8 was a general lack of interest in what's going on from the community. That seems to be turning around. I wouldn't be surprised if this new influx of politically-minded queers leads to new ideas, structures, and directions for the LGBTQ rights movement.

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Georgia's #6. I guess all of my comments are starting to add up.

Wow, We're #4!

The way Texas hates queers, you would think we would be right down there with Arizona or Alaska or something.

Pshaw, Brandi. We know it's just you. *grins* Seriously though, I have a feeling a lot of those numbers come from NoVa around DC.

Roland Winston | December 15, 2008 12:40 PM

Discoverd Bilerico mid October and checked in every few days. Signed up for daily digest in early November and I stop by as many as 3 times some days. I will be spreading the word.

Sunday, I went to an Obama house party at the former local hq on Saturday. With the election over, to a person, this crowd was chomping at the bit like race horses at starting gate for the next thing to do. People came with stories of their ephiphanies, and issues and causes that they intend to make a difference with, with or without help. Most people had been phone or neighborhood canvassers and they are maintaining their team networks and neighborhood contacts. Along with Energy, SOL's, Voting Rights, etc., Marriage equality is on the table. I am shocked at the potenial number of heterosexuals that might be on line for the DOMA protest in January in RICHMOND VA. 'Tipping Point'! Me thinks so.

Roland Winston
co organizer Join the Impact Richmond at
[email protected]

HEY! I'm from Arizona and I resent that comment!

oh, wait....

We are plentiful in Texas. Check the major metros--Dallas-FW, Austin-SA, Houston-Galveston.

And, we're tired of our red state status. The major urbans went blue in 2008.

Yes, we are plentiful, but then we learn to move to the metro areas and leave the sticks to the knuckle draggers. ;-)

If I had to have transitioned in any place but Austin, I probably would be dead by now. Even working in Round Rock just to the north was somewhat of an ordeal at times, luckily Dell was into 'diversity'.

But, like Houston and the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, there are still areas of town that a queer can venture into without taking their lives into their hands.