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Harry Potter on Nudity

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Much has been made of Daniel Radcliffe's full-frontal appearance in Peter Shaffer's Equus, now on Broadway, but the glee with which teen girls and gay men were filled with when discussing the idea of seeing Radcliffe's man-spear was stamped out after a front-row patron illegally videotaped the scene in question. Upon seeing Radcliffe's seemingly unimpressive floppy bits, many smugly claimed over and over again on blogs across the Internet that the fantasy was way better than the reality.

And now we get into one of the most controversial and misunderstood issues of our time. I have always asserted that you cannot judge the size of a man's penis when it is flaccid!

But I was recently heartened to discover that Radcliife doesn't need the likes of me to defend his manhood. He so charmingly speaks of nudity and his naughty bits on an episode of Inside the Actors Studio. Watch:

Is it me or does James Lipton, who brings up the issue of nudity with Harry Potter, come across as a dirty old perv? Dirty old perv!

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I agree with you, Prince on the size comment. Although I also question our society's obsession with bigness of erogenous zones in general. Specifically speaking to large penises... it seems that this fixation on larger and larger members is really irrational. Fixation on large penises is really indicative of a patriarchal definition of sex as being exclusively penetrative. By conceptualizing sex as being an act of penetration it continues to position masculinized penetrative partners at an advantageous place in our sexual schema. Penis liberation! Fight the Phallocracy!

Sorry... this comment has a lot less to do with Harry Potter than I intended... ^^'

First of all, Daniel Radclyffe needs to shave. The scruffy face is not a good look for him. Where's his hag to correct this gross negligence?

Secondly, he's got a bit of a limp wrist here, don't you think? ;^)

As for penis size, I wouldn't know a thing about it. I agree with Jason's point about penetration and the patriarchy.

What were we talking about?

First of all, Daniel Radclyffe needs to shave.

Say whaaaaat? The scruffy look makes me want to see him naked. :)

Yeah, you know, this obsession with penis size is really out of control. Women don't have to worry if they have a big vagina or not. (Or do they? I wouldn't know.)

I'll just say it. I like a big hard penis. Hold it against me.


I think calling Lipton a dirty old perv is out of line. He asks the questions in the same intense and earnest manner he asks all of his questions. And you can't talk about Equus without talking about the nude scene. It is not only the climax of the play, but a challenge for every actor who took on the role.

And the pictures, including some much more clearer and detailed, leaked out long before the ones you cited.

I guess the bigger question I have is why Radcliffe is even on this show. I remember when you actually had to have a resume of some note before you got invited, but now anyone with a movie or show to promote gets an invite. What's next? Katie Holmes talking about how the angst of choosing between Pacey and Joey helped her fuck up an Arthur Miller classic on the stage?

Chuck, to me, James Lipton always sounds like a dirty old perv, no matter what he's talking about and no matter who he's talking to. It could be an interview with Meryl Streep. " strong DO you like your tea? How you enjoy?" See what I mean? :)

As for star casting, Broadway is hurting. And one of the sure ways to fill seats is to shove a movie star in a role, appropriateness be damned. It's all about the bottom line. (Hee hee, I said "bottom line," hee hee.)

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 1, 2008 7:19 PM

As a trans man, the fixation on size puzzles and amuses me.

And Jason: right on!!

I think Radclyffe is an amazingly beautiful man, scruffy face and all. And props to him for baring all on stage, AND for so thoroughly breaking from the Potter franchise.

Is he gay?

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 1, 2008 8:54 PM

He likes older women.

That's cool! Although I'm not sure that a 5-year age difference really qualifies!