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Iraqi journalist throws his shoes at Bush

Filed By Alex Blaze | December 15, 2008 7:00 AM | comments

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CNN reports that throwing your shoes at someone is the worst insult in Iraqi culture. But I doubt it's worse than the "lying to the world about how another nation is going to kill everyone, invading a country on the basis that your culture and military are superior, imposing your government while cleansing the government of a certain party to steal the country's biggest exportable natural resource, selling the act of reconstruction to incompetent boobs, killing nearly a million people and displacing at least three million more all while smiling smugly" insult.

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I'm pretty bullshit about the fact that the reporter that did the throwing has such shitty aim. I would have loved to have seen the heel of that shoe go THUNK right in the middle of the Shrub's forehead.

It's hard to sneak eggs into the Green Zone. It was a well-deserved insult, it didn't hurt anyone, and the journalist should be released from jail immediately.

Bush could have been spared this humiliation if he was in a cell in The Hague, awaiting prosecution for his war crimes. Sadly the gutless Democrats - Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Kennedy and Obama - refused to impeach him and Cheney. They never even took up the question of convening an International War Crimes Tribunal.

Bush is a war criminal. The big difference between him and earlier war criminals is that they worked for Krupp and he works for Texaco. He earned the contempt of most of the world.

But the truth is that his crimes will go unpunished and not just because he’d dodging impeachment. On January 20th, 2009 Obama will become Bush and continue the basic policies that have characterized two party rule since the compromise of 1877, external wars of aggression against weaker nations (or competing strong nations) and internal wars of aggression against working people.

The eagle should be replaced by the vulture.

Bush’s regime is a clear example of the lack of democracy and the powerlessness of Americans and a terrible example of how that led to genocide against people from Palestine to Pakistan.