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Obama is on a "supernatural mission"

Filed By Ed Team | December 01, 2008 7:30 AM | comments

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"The man has the almost eerie ability to inspire either affection bordering on worship or dread and loathing, depending largely on one's religious views or lack thereof. Whether he and his presidency have any relationship with and relevance to the biblical "end times" we have heard so much about recently - especially through the auspices of the "Left Behind" books - remains to be seen. But as the "mystery man" governs America over the next four years, this writer will be looking for four trends to either be developing or not. What we see unfolding - or conversely, what we don't see - will speak volumes about whether Obama is merely a mainstream politician with a winning voice, smile and a gift for rhetoric, or indeed is a "special" person on some kind of supernatural mission."

-- Jeffersonville (IN) Evening News columnist Doug Olsen in the article "Obama - The Future Will Tell." I'm going to assume that Obama's supernatural mission is to resurrect our economy and national standing.

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