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Sarah Palin's now a Hockey Grandma!

Filed By Alex Blaze | December 30, 2008 3:00 PM | comments

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In the most anticipated conservabirth since the Cheney Baby, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston was born (out of wedlock) to Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Everyone is healthy and safe, and that's a good thing.

This instance would be an inconvenient place to point out "hypocrisy," but it is worth noting that the one thing that sexual authoritarians never fail to do is to prove that controlling other people's sexuality is impossible. Social conservatives love the idea of sending busy-bodies to high schools to wag their fingers at the kids and deliver the "Just say no" message on sex, but, obviously, that doesn't work. Bristol Palin probably received that message, through church, school, and family, more than most American teens do, and it didn't work.

But that doesn't stop little Tripp's grandmother for suddenly becoming a privacy advocate:

The governor's office said it would not release information because it considers the baby's birth a private, family matter. Palin family members, hospital employees and spokespeople for the governor's former running mate, John McCain, either would not confirm the birth or did not return messages from The Associated Press.

It's definitely a private, family matter, which is why Sarah Palin wanted to legislate her private, family decision on the rest of us rubes. Obviously, only women of the proper upbringing can be trusted to make the right choices.

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Thanks, Alex.

Oh, ha, of course, it's a private family matter - until votes are in jeopardy. If Palin is subject to another ethics inquiry (or if the old one keeps resurfacing), or if more evidence of clothes-shopping resurfaces...she'll be only too happy to have that baby trotted out, cold Alaskan winter notwithstanding.

I mean, really, I practically expect hypocrisy from politicians but this is almost too much!

Next up... the divorce. Oh, wait, right, Bristol and Levi aren't even married, horrors. Can our society survive?

Haha, I was born in wedlock, even though both my parents were married to other people, still! I do agree its a private thing and all so no, they shouldn't be 'selling' the whole thing like some do.

There also shouldn't be so much controversy over the wedlock thing - all four of my kids are 'out of wedlock' and they're not screwed up for it.

They're making too big of a deal over her age as well, it all depends on the individual, I know people in their 30s that shouldn't be having kids and conversely I know teenagers who are and have been exemplary parents.

You know the only thing I really want to know? What is with that family and their weird ass names?

PLEASE, CAN'T SARAH PALIN EVER go away?! Why does the LGBTQ community have to perpetuate this boring and ignorant person?


Happy New Year!


Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | December 31, 2008 4:11 AM

I, on the contrary, love running gags and think Palin & family one of the best ever -- the gift that keeps on giving, eternal font of trash & kitsch, her opponent's best friend, etc.

The Palin family gives this Kentuckian some trailer-trash to laugh at and look down on. Who'd have thunk that there'd be trailer trash more disgusting and less intelligent than Kentucky trailer trash - I guess Alaskan trailer trash qualifies.

(no, I don't live in a trailer)