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Several of you have written in about our logo changing for the holidays - especially when I was late with it for the winter holidays! We've trademarked the logo now, so that means we need all new images. (It's been popping up all sorts of places, so better safe than sorry!)

Which leads me to ask... What holidays/events would you like us to change the logo for? Any graphic designers out there willing to participate in contests for the logo? Answer in the comments please.

Big thanks to Projector IndigoSue for the brilliant logos we've used until now - including the current one. Sue has her own design company that we use often. I highly recommend her skills.

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I would like to see the logo reflect some of the important LGBT events throughout the year:

- Something for Pride month
- LGBT History Month
- the Transgender Day of Remembrance

I love the winter logo.

I'd love to see:
- New Year's
- Spring
- Day of Silence (in April)
- July 4th
- Halloween
- Thanksgiving

Lunar New Year (aka chinese new year... but more people than just the chinese celebrate it)

Bastille Day!

Boxing Day!

Guy Fawkes Day!

Moon Festival!

Canadian Thanksgiving (which interestingly enough, was the date of the original Thanksgiving)

World AIDS day!

All Hallows Day!

Earth Day!

ok... i'll stop. but if you need any help developing special logos, i'd be happy to put my graphic design muscles to use!

Something for May Day would be nice. Especially as a sign of solidarity to all of the undocumented workers in the country who have been using may day as an organizing day.

Trans Day of Remembrance - I used to love how sites would go black on days like that. There is something very powerful about that, but only used sparingly.

I'd throw out my birthday. Maybe I can put something together that sufficiently glorifies myself. :)


Lunar New Year (aka Chinese new year)
Bastille Day
Boxing Day
Guy Fawkes Day
Moon Festival
World AIDS Day
All Hallows Day
May Day
Earth Day

Would Add:
Pride Month
Coming Out Day

I like the idea of taking on all the under-represented holidays and making them a part of our culture. As a graphic designer, I would be willing to donate one or two potential designs. keep us posted on what you decide to do.