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Isn't the internet grand? One of the funniest aspects to being a blogger is where you find yourself mentioned online. Last week my Google alerts brought me one of the oddest citations yet. I thought I'd throw it out there and ask Projectors where they have found themselves online. So, let's hear those stories. Where have you ended up? Was it good or bad?

My Christianity Today magazine mention after the jump.

From the Christianity Today posting "Rick Warren Responds to Criticism":

Just about everybody has an opinion about whether Obama should have chosen Warren.

It's particularly fun to read headlines if you click the "Rick Warren" tag on the Huffington Post:

  • Rick Warren Announcement Is Slap In The Face To GLBTQ Army
  • Obama's Pastor Warren Pick; A Bridge Too Far
  • Barack, Get a Klue
  • Right Message, Wrong Messenger
  • Dump Rick Warren - Letter to President-elect Obama
  • Rick Warren: What Was Obama Thinking?

However, Bil Browning, longtime LGBT activist writes, "Calm down. Rick Warren is not a big deal. This tempest in a teapot will only harm our community."

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Actually, we were visiting friends on Boxing Day, when someone commented that my photo came up while looking in Google Images for a sign (for their roomie's benefit) about putting the toilet seat up. Worse, this was pointed out to us by someone who's been taking little veiled digs at everyone trans (i.e. saying "it's not real if it comes from a paper bag" during a discussion about vaginas). Yes, I know it's time for some new friends. Again.

Unfortunately, it works. It turns out, the image is taken from Bil's introduction of me here ( ). That has to be the most unusual place I've found myself.

I've also found myself the focus of character assassination attempts in the comments sections on two different blogs in as many days (by the same person). That's getting so old that I'm probably not as irritated as I should be anymore.

I had dinner in 2007 with a financial writer and in conversation I said the market was going to crash. Several days later I found what I said on the Internet in the Wall Street Journal and later in New York Magazine. Turns out I was right.

Porn sites like to link me. but that's probably because I like to link them. :)

A friend of mine was searching Google Images for "redhead" and found a picture of me from when I was a wee baby crossdresser just taking her first photos.

I don't come across me as much as other people come across a solicitor in County Kerry with a very similiar name and think that she is me.

I remind them that I an a Barrister, not a solicitor.