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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

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'Tis the season. The View provided a small gift on its program yesterday. Judy Gold made a sensible point about the inconsistencies of marriage laws.

Honestly, I have watched the show intermittently over the last few years and have never really been a fan. I know, I know, they grilled McCain, and fawned over Obama. They received a spark when Rosie O'Donnell dominated the show for a year. And the GLBTQ cause reaped some benefit from her role as host.

The show's replacement host is as progressive as Rosie. Many of you are well aware the Whoopi Goldberg joined many on the lines during the protests on Proposition 8. She has shared her views on the program.

Monday's program started with the usual twenty minute chat at the table. They moved to a quick interview with Andy Dick. This was merciful.

Almost as soon as he was gone, they featured another comedian who was so in his performance mode that there was no conversation. I almost clicked off but I left the television on and when I returned lesbian comedian Judy Gold had already begun talking about her children, life partner, her mother. She was on the program to advertise her upcoming performances of her show Mommy Queerest. Her interview for this show contains anger over Prop 8

These stories about her love life and kids gained audience approval. Whoopi and Judy talked about their both being recently at the Prop 8 protests. Both nodded and commiserated as the audience stayed quiet.

Judy then made a devastating point about the current insanity of California marriage law. She stated that the Menedez brothers who brutally killed their parents were allowed to marry. But the state would not allow two people in a loving relationship carrying for children to get married. The point hit the audience.

A small gift in the holiday season in the struggle to win hearts and minds.

Seasons greetings!

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"Reasons Greetings". Joy to you.

Wow. Extremely powerful point. Thanx for sharing that.

Cheers to those of us who just want the same rights granted cold blooded murderers -- now spike that eggnog, kiddies, have at it and ease your mind.

For tomorrows a new day, and the enemy is running out of lies to tell .....