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Too Big To Fail

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So much for no-drama Obama. This holiday season we got an early gift stuffed in our fishnet stocking. Clinton at least waited until after his inauguration to throw us under the Straight Talk Express bus with Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

As you have no doubt heard, Barack Obama invited Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. Warren is the new breed of kinder gentler mega-pastor, who, and it pains him to say this, opposes women's choice and homosexuals. Other Talibangelicals* are furious at Warren for accepting the invitation. Or envious. Which is a sin.

In an explanation of laughably transparent disproportion Obama said, "Look, he invited me to speak at his church a few years ago. So I'm inviting him to speak at my inauguration." Why not just have a hoops play date instead?

Warren had sermonized from his Southern California pulpit in favor of Prop Hate using the standard child abuse, bestiality and pedophilia lies. When gay protesters picketed his house after the election, he told a heart-warming story about how he had gone out to them and offered them coffee and doughnuts. Call me ungrateful, but I'd rather have my civil rights than a French cruller.

We, the 70% of the gay vote for Obama are told it's no big deal. It's not a cabinet appointment; it's just a prayer. And p.s. we didn't get a gay cabinet appointment. We are told to wake up and smell the political coffee. This is what it means to reach out to the other side. We are told to grow up.

And we gay people keep saying we're just like straight people. We are not. We are much more tolerant. We have been putting up with their tiresome phobia for long enough. What are they afraid of? Why must they drag out Bible stories to justify their fears? Quit drinking. Stop watching online porn for a minute. Go to therapy. Quit taking it out on us.

Let's have some real gay balls after this inauguration. The gay movement is too big to fail. That's exactly what they are afraid of.

*Thank you Jim David

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Loved the essay! Absolutely wonderful. You forgot the part where the Obama team snottily reminded us that we got a band included in the parade. We also probably got hairdressers doing Michelle and Joe Biden's hair as well.

My problems with Warren extend beyond the damage that he does to our community, though. His presence sends the wrong message to a Europe hoping for some sanity in the policies of the US. Having the Obama kick-off led by a man calling for the murder of the Iranian PM sends a message that American respect for international law has not improved.

Still, you got me to laugh a biit--thanks.

Thanks Jim David indeed. I'm totally stealing 'Talibangelicals'.

"Too big to fail" is the most hopeful thing I've read in a long time.

Woot! You rule.

Hey, kids, calm down! I think there's still a chance Obama will come through for us! If the uproar gets any louder, he'll throw Warren under the bus, just like he did with all his other embarrassments, and then pretend it never happened!
That's called change you can believe in!

Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | December 23, 2008 1:38 AM

Oh, my, Pollyanna has reincarnated right in our very midst! Next I suppose you'll be trying to sell me rainbows.

While I agree with almost all of this post, I have to point out that "Don't Ask, Dont Tell" was a much bigger bus to get thrown under than this largely symbolic one. The inauguration will come and go and that will be that. We're still reeling from DADT.

Yes, the choice of Rick Warren is disappointing. But if Obama makes good on his promises to get ENDA passed, repeal DADT and pass a federal hate crimes bill, I'll happily forgive him his choice of who waved the magic wand at his swearing in ceremony.

And you're absolutely right, Kate. It's up to us to make sure that he follows through on those promises. Gay balls, indeed!


when obama's nazis defend the indefensible, they become increasingly ignorant....

shame on obama!!!


You, Madame Banks, can cut right to the heart of things!

Bless you!

"obama's nazis" hmm now thats a new one for me.

Kate, I agreed. We can only turn the other check until out heads feel like they are spinning. I do get the feeling from the talking heads who don't have the glean in their eyes celebrating this challenge, that those who understand the game sense a major mea culpa is in order. The Silences is a wink and a nod for the Hate Merchants.

What I do find strange is that MOVE ON appears to be silent on this challenge.