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The Top 70 Bilerico Project posts in 2008

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Yesterday Bil and I posted our top LGBTQ stories of 2008. That was based on us asking, "What will people be talking about 20 years from now?"

Today I'm just taking the top 70 posts on The Bilerico Project based on pageviews, according to Google Analytics. That list is after the jump.

After putting it together, I'd like to note that this list isn't necessarily the best content that's been on the site (although there is some great reading on that list). Take it instead as a case study on how the internet works. We posted around 5500 times this past year, and the entries on this list couldn't just get clicked on from the frontpage to make it to the top. They had to attract traffic from other sources: social networking sites like Facebook and Digg, search engines like Google, and links from other sites and blogs.

  1. The War on Intellectualism (Waymon Hudson)
  2. When Batman Was Gay (Bilerico-Indiana blogger Tyrion Lannister)
  3. Big Brother 9 Neil Garcia shows his ass (literally) (Bil Browning)
  4. Lindsay Lohan Naked Photo Shoot (Abigail Hannon)
  5. Wild animal sex! (Bil Browning)
  6. Big Brother 9 James Zinkand in gay porn movies (Bil Browning)
  7. Obama will name Bayh his VP choice on Wednesday (Bil Browning)
  8. Open Letter from Barack Obama to the LGBT Community (Guest blogger Barack Obama)
  9. McCain picks Alaska governor Sarah Palin for VP slot (Alex Blaze)
  10. Indiana Senator Evan Bayh top pick for Obama's running mate (Bil Browning)
  11. Uh oh (Mercedes Allen)
  12. Hannah Montana Dirty Photos! (Michael Buckley)
  13. Gay porn actor Mason Wyler raped (Alex Blaze)
  14. Survivor Gabon: The gay contestant and the hottie's penis (Bil Browning)
  15. Our Choice on Prop 8 and African Americans: Reckless Carping or Productive Change? (Guest blogger Cindy Rizzo)
  16. Big Brother 10 Jessie Godderz is naked (and gay?) (Bil Browning)
  17. The Future of Anal Sex (Guest blogger Jim Pickett)
  18. Agnes Scott College: Lesbians until graduation? (Guest blogger Louisa Hill)
  19. A message to LGBT Americans: I want to be your President (Guest blogger Hillary Clinton)
  20. Top 13 Best Sarah Palin Funny Videos (Bil Browning)
  21. 10 Books Every Gay Boy Should Read (Michael Crawford)
  22. Wachovia lends $8 mil to Republican party: Small businesses still can't get a loan (Bil Browning)
  23. "God Killed Him For Loving Fags" (Storm Bear)
  24. Prince William's penis pictures (Bil Browning)
  25. Election night party games for political junkies (Nan Hunter)
  26. Obama's so gay (Alex Blaze)
  27. About Bolthouse Farms (Alex Blaze)
  28. Obama Takes Gay Rights Stand Four Days Before the Election -- Can This Be Real? (Nancy Polikoff)
  29. 3 Models of Transsexuality (Mercedes Allen)
  30. Beyond Violence: On School Shootings, Domestic Abuse, Hate Crimes (Jessica Hoffmann)
  31. Update: Bolthouse Farms and the Bolthouse Foundation are connected (Alex Blaze)
  32. Why I Don't Do 'Bi' (Jessica Hoffmann)
  33. Transbigotry? (Mercedes Allen)
  34. Gay Marriage: What's the fuss about? (Guest blogger Dr. Helen Fisher)
  35. Quick update on Connecticut's Question 1 to hold a constitutional convention (Alex Blaze)
  36. John McCain promises to re-criminalize homosexuality (Alex Blaze)
  37. Create your own electoral college map (Bil Browning)
  38. Race, sexuality, and Proposition 8 (Alex Blaze)
  39. Orangina furry porn (Alex Blaze)
  40. Exclusive! Dick Cheney's penis exposed! (Bil Browning)
  41. Amy Fisher Sex Tape! Hannah Montana scandal! Tom Cruise Tell All! (Michael Buckley)
  42. That Weird Hug from Rick Warren (Guest blogger Jeff Lutes)
  43. My first time (Bil Browning)
  44. Stories from the Helpline (Guest blogger Richard Horton)
  45. Black Voters Not to Blame if Proposition 8 Passes (Michael Crawford)
  46. Are We Doing Enough to Stop Bullying at School? (Patricia Nell Warren)
  47. Hot Mormon boy pics! A cause for excommunication (Alex Blaze)
  48. Barack Obama: A Call for Full Equality (Guest blogger Barack Obama)
  49. Let's Give Sarah Palin a Taste of Her Own Medicine (Scott Kaiser)
  50. If Obama can throw his pastor under the bus, what will he do to us? (Rev. Irene Monroe)
  51. Rape and Murder of a Lesbian Soccer Player (Patricia Nell Warren)
  52. Lindsay Lohan's naked pics! (Michael Buckley)
  53. Google: Profit before people (Bil Browning)
  54. They fired Tucker Carlson! (Alex Blaze)
  55. Transgender History: Trans Expression in Ancient Times (Mercedes Allen)
  56. 60 Minutes with Darren Manzella (Steve Ralls)
  57. Transgender Themes in Science Fiction (Guest blogger Cheryl Morgan)
  58. The Ridiculous Notion of Gay Privilege (Sara Whitman)
  59. A Gender Primer (Michele O'Mara)
  60. Naked Rugby Players! (Bil Browning)
  61. After Lawrence King, Who's Next? (Patricia Nell Warren)
  62. Indiana Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner live blog (Guest blogger Abdul Hakim-Shabazz)
  63. 10 Books Every Transperson Should Read (Rebecca Juro)
  64. Why is EMILY's List endorsing anti-semitism, racism and homophobia? (Bil Browning)
  65. Orangina Furry Porn Video (Alex Blaze)
  66. Just Be Good for Goodness Sake (Terrance Heath)
  67. Catholic Priest Defies Church Over Antigay Ballot Initiative (Karen Ocamb)
  68. Republican donation letter (Alex Blaze)
  69. The queer red light district (Bil Browning)
  70. Southern California Mourns 15-Year Old Shooting Victim Larry King (Karen Ocamb)

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Darn. I didn't make the list. I guess I'll have to try harder next year.

This is a great list.

Three out of my five Top 10 posts were about nudity or sex. *sighs*

Oh, Bil, we all know that's why you do it. :)

Surprised none of the gay murders in Indiana made the list. Goes to show you, Lindsay Lohan naked photo shoot tops the list. Sad commentary for a LGBT blog.

Doesn't look like you will be winning best LGBT Blog this year with that lineup. Number 7."Obama will name Bayh his VP choice on Wednesday". lol

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 30, 2008 9:54 PM

Alex, I think Bil's post following this--about Taysia Elzy's murder and the desperate need for progressive changes for Indiana's LGBT community--should be on the list.

I think it should too, but as I said above, this is less a list about quality and more about just how the internet works.

I demand another list: funniest comments.

Karen Collett | December 31, 2008 9:44 AM

I think a list ordered by the number of comments would also be very interesting.