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Vatican Cheers on Anti-LGBT Discrimination

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Someone better head to confessional.

benedictsays1.jpgThe Times Online is reporting that the Vatican has come out strongly against a United Nations declaration formally condemning anti-LGBT discrimination, saying that the declaration would lead to the decriminalization of same-sex unions. The nonbinding resolution, created by France, condemns "discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity."

Well, the Vatican is having none of it. The Vatican's permanent observer at the UN said that while the Catholic Church forbids "unjust discrimination" against homosexuals, outlawing discrimination by means of a UN declaration would pressure states that did not recognize same-sex unions to do so.

I guess the churches stance is simply "just" discrimination...

According to the Times:

Over 80 countries in the world currently outlaw same-sex relations, with punishments range from short prison sentences to life imprisonment and even death by execution. The UN declaration will not be binding, but gay rights movements hope it will lead to a UN resolution.

So the church would rather stand against same-sex unions and allow death sentences for LGBT people?

Franco Grillini, founder and honorary president of Arcigay, Italy's leading gay rights group, told Rueters that the Vatican's reasoning smacked of "total idiocy and madness."

The French resolution, which is supported by all 27 members of the European Union, has nothing to do with gay marriage. It is about stopping jail and the death penalty for homosexuals.

So the Catholic Church is so afraid of same-sex unions that they are willing to allow the continued abuse and murder of the LGBT community in nations around the world.


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Oh come on, I mean it isn't like this is surprising or anything. What do you expect from a church that is headed by a man who learned his ehtics in the Hitler Jugend.

Sig Heil Pope Benedict, the Fueher would be proud of you.

Are we surprised? Benedict is disgusting. "We don't actually support discrimination - except when we do."


we are NOT surpised at Miss Benedicta.
I actually met him once before he because her religious highness. left me with lots of questions.

I can only say that movie "the devil wears Prada" title is apt in her description...LOL

It has not been mentioned that this interchange takes place roughly on the 60th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights (which, by the way, does not cover any matters involving sexual orientation or gender identity specifically --- but does cover matters involving torture, which is yet another timely subject, as well as matters of respect for life, unjust imprisonment, and an individual's right to self-determination).

Any religious stance that promotes hatred for any group on any basis is contrary to the principles of spirituality that were the basis of almost all religious movements and deplorable in the extreme.

This is what happens when a nazi becomes pope....

Did we really expect anything different from the Rat-zinger? Other than sudden death. Fortunately, the old Nazi is on the far side of 80 and won't be around forever.

My wife and her family is all Catholic, and fortunately I can report that most rank-and-file Catholics couldn't care less about the mean spirited crap that emits from Vatican City. Including them. But too many do, and there are efforts afloat to "purify" or "renew" the faith, to be more conservative. It's not positive.

I love Christ, but increasingly I can't stand Christians.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 3, 2008 7:18 PM

So the church would rather stand against same-sex unions and allow death sentences for LGBT people?

Sure. Better dead than a sinner. (By their twisted logic.)

fortunately I can report that most rank-and-file Catholics couldn't care less about the mean spirited crap that emits from Vatican City

Polar, I wish that were true. Sadly, far too many Catholics worldwide still respect the Vatican.

I was raised Catholic: it's the biggest reason I now despise organized religion.