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What Would Your Gay Baby Look Like?

Filed By Prince Gomolvilas | December 19, 2008 6:00 PM | comments

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One of the running themes on my blog, Bamboo Nation, is how I'm constantly pleading with hot male celebrities to father my children -- even though, you know, it's a biological impossibility. In fact, typical post titles have been "Edward Norton, Will You Father My Children?" and "James McAvoy, Will You Father My Children?" (Do you detect a pattern here?) I've also publicly badgered Casey Affleck, Drake Bell, Hayden Christensen, Lee Pace, Sam Riley, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, and, of course, Zac Efron. None of them have yet agreed to impregnate me, even as a way to humor me. People lack imagination.

Well, thanks to a website called MakeMeBabies that uses image-rendering technology, I can at least answer the question, "If Zac Efron and I had a baby, what would it look like?"

After you upload your own photo, you can match yourself up with male or female celebrities to see your imaginary offspring. You can also upload pics of your friends or partner(s). You'll find this way cool or way creepy or both, but I challenge you not to waste lots of time on the site, making babies.

Want to see my babies? Behold the wonders of modern technology....

These are my babies with Zac Efron, Edward Norton, James McAvoy, Hayden Christensen, and -- yes, I was curious -- Angelina Jolie:

king efron.jpg

king norton.jpg

king mcavoy.jpg

king christensen.jpg

princess jolie.jpg

I can't tell if my children are beautiful or disturbing. Hmm. Sort of like real parenthood, I suppose.

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We'll be okay as long as you stay away from my beloved, Neil Patrick Harris.

I'll scratch your eyes out over NPH. Just try me.

Oh, what an obvious rip-off from Conan O'Brien's "If They Mated" skits! ought to be ashamed of themselves ... and if NBC has grounds to sue, they should!

And, Prince, sorry to say, your facial features are about as bland as wheat germ pablum ... if you want a dramatic baby, you need to pick someone with a dramatic face ... like Gene Simmons in full make-up, or maybe Boy George (but do it on your PC, don't mess with Boy George's!).

AJ, my inscrutable Asian face does wonders for Angelina Jolie. I balance out her drama!

Thanks for not taking my teasing as an insult, it was meant as fun ... by the way, try uploading a picture in which you are smiling --- genuine smiles are never bland, and everyone loves a smiling baby.

The Angie baby is the cutest. The Efron baby is very disturbing. Very. If you turn your back on it, it'll cut you.

I personally thought my Hayden Christensen baby was the most disturbing, with its evil grin. *Shudder.*

Well Prince, since you are the very model of fabuliciousness maybe you'll father my children. :)


Ahhh! The foreheads; they put Tyra Bank's to shame.

Your McAvoy baby has star power! Stalk him!

Greg, if only it were that easy. :)

Lucrece, yeah, I don't know what's going on with those crazy foreheads. Crazy!

Father Tony, you say that as if I haven't already stalked him. Repeatedly.

Babies are already pretty gross, but this takes the cake.

No offense, Prince. That's meant to be a criticism off the program that produced those images!

Yeah, Alex, I think babies are gross too.... Unless Zac Efron impregnated me and the baby in question came out of my vagina.

i really like my boy friend and i want to know what are baby will look like

Well, you're going to have to upload your pics to find out--I'm sure it'll be like 99% accurate. :)