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Where I've been spending my time lately

Filed By Jerame Davis | December 01, 2008 5:00 PM | comments

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I thought I'd share with everyone what's been keeping me busy the past few months. Some folks may already know I've been working on a new LGBT social site called Friends You Know. Well, the secret is out! The site is live.

I'm pretty excited about Friends You Know. Not only do I get to work with great people, like our own Cathy Renna and Simon Aronoff, but I get to help grow a new site to benefit the LGBT community.

Friends You Know is built by the LGBT community for the LGBT community and a portion of the profits the site generates will be donated directly to LGBT causes and organizations. How much gets donated depends on all of us - the site only makes money if we use it.

And really, I didn't spend the last 4 months sweating over this thing everyday for nothing. I want to see people signing up, inviting their friends, and helping us grow it into a real online community!

So go - check it out and send us some feedback. We've got many more features planned for the next release, including instant messaging, photo tagging, and much more.

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Pretty fancy there big guy. Is there any way for twitter to update my "status"?

That's a feature we want, but we're not there yet. Hopefully in the next few months. We have a long wish list, but better Twitter integration is one of them.

I have a personal account (that I need to fix up now that the site got the upgrade) and I also made one for Bilerico Project so folks can find us there.

Hey Jerame...congrats! The new site looks fantastic.