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While folks are waking up (seriously)

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Bil, Jerame, and I got back to Indiana at around 3 am, so content will be slow coming. I posted about the Prop 8 panel and the messaging workshop from the LGBT bloggers convention this weekend, if you want to read about those. I know Jerame got video of Barney Frank's comments, including his thoughts on the future of ENDA, so check back later today for that.

It was great to meet and hang out with contributors Paige Schilt, Terrance Heath, Pam Spaulding, the Rev Irene Monroe, Waymon Hudson, Serena Freewomyn, Father Tony, Michael Crawford, Eric Leven, Nan Hunter, Cathy Renna, and Sara Whitman; new contributors Matt Comer and Brett Adams; frequent TBP commenters Nick Stinson and Jed; the authors of many blogs I read, like Autumn Sandeen, Andres Duque, Joe Jervis aka Joe.My.God, Rod McCullom aka Rod 2.0, Helen Boyd, Dana Rudolph aka Mombian, Brian Leubitz, and Greta Christina; journalists like Rebecca Armendariz, Todd Heywood, Nick Cargo, and Eric Francis; and the master-of-ceremonies/legendary gay blogger Mike Rogers, who put together a great summit. (Let me know if I forgot anyone in the comments!)

So content will be slow today as we all get rested, caught up on work and email, and back online. Bil, Jerame, and I trucked out of Indiana the day after I got back from my 3-week whirlwind tour of the Mississippi with Alberto, so I might need to go back to bed soon.

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After almost a week of not getting more than 4 hours of sleep each night, your idea of going back to bed really struck a chord with me. Add getting sicker than a dog to the mix and I felt like shit yesterday.

Ah, but last night I slept for a full 10 hours thanks to Prince Xanax and his squire Nyquil. God I love those two...