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08 Weblog Awards: The Bilerico Selections

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Every year after the Emmy nominations are announced, HBO starts running commercials stating "27 Emmy nominations, more than anyone else."

After seeing the nominations for the 2008 Weblog Awards, the same can be said for The Bilerico Project. If you look at the nominations, nine contributors and supporters of Bilerico are nominated in seven categories this year, more than anyone else!

The Best LGBT Blog category has Bilerico and two other blogs by Bilerico contributors! Congratulations to everyone!

This is my first time nominated and I am frankly shocked. 2008 was a year for funerals for me and my work dropped to once a week and I am still not in the snarky swing of things, so I am incredibly humbled (and pressured to crank it out daily again) by the nomination.

Below is a collection of links to vote for the Bilerico contributors and friends. And yes, you can vote once a day, so vote early and vote often!

Best Humor Blog (vote here)
The Comics Curmudgeon by Josh Fruhlinger

Best Comic Strip (vote here)
Town Called Dobson by Storm Bear

Best Liberal Blog (vote here)
Shakesville by Melissa McEwan

Best Midsize Blog (vote here)
Rod 2.0 by Rod McCullom

Best Large Blog (vote here)
Mombian by Dana Rudolph

Best Australia or New Zealand Blog
(vote here)
A.E. Brain by Zoe Brain

Best New Blog (vote here)
Grace the Spot, a lesbian group blog

Best LGBT Blog (vote here)
The Bilerico Project
Pam's House Blend by Pam Spaulding
TransGriot by Monica Roberts

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Thanks, Storm! I'll also offer a shout out to lesbian blog Grace the Spot for Best New Blog. She started the 8 Against 8 campaign in October to raise blogger money for fighting Prop 8.

I want to second the recommendation. Grace the Spot is a fun blog. Give her a vote. :)

For what it's worth, you guys should have got the prize. Towelroad is typical gay shallow 'oh baby, let's check out some hot daddy flesh between the facial and colon lift.
Joe. My. God. is fine, but he's only one writer, whilst you're a bevy. You talk about important stuff. And I appreciate the civil tone.
Keep at it, sweetness.

Civil tone? There goes my reputation!