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5 Gay Blogs You Should Be Reading (But Probably Aren't)

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I'm going to take it on faith that you already subscribe to the Bilerico RSS feed and that you're looking for something new to feed your blog addiction.

My rules for choosing these blogs were simple and frankly subjective:

  • the blogs had to be gay in content, style and tone
  • the blogs had to keep my interest
  • as much as I love blogs like Buffawhat and Knuckle Crack, the personal blogs of Bilerico contributors are not included

I also wanted to spotlight blogs that have not yet made it to the cool kids table in the gayosphere lunchroom.

With that I give you 5 Gay Blogs You Should Be Reading (But Probably Aren't):

Gay Politics - Gay Politics is the place to go to find everything you could want to know about openly LGBT elected officials and candidates. If you are wondering where is the gay political power, there it is.

Grace the Spot
- Looking at Grace the Spot's Stuff Lesbians Like, it becomes clear that lesbians are about way more than acoustic music and flannel. The Graces popped on our radar when they were a finalist in the Best New Blog category in the 2008 Weblog Awards.

Jockohomo - Jockohomo is strung out on jargon. And music, muscular men, graphic design, politics, art and much more. He also has one of the best designed blogs out there chocked full of all kinds of visual goodness.

Life Lube - If its related to gay and bi men, you will find it on Life Lube. The Life Lube team, which includes the fabulous Jim Pickett who wrote The Future of Anal Sex, covers all the "gay, sexy, healthy stuff that keeps gay and bi men together." Though it covers a wide range of issues affecting our lives including physical, mental and emotional health, it goes down far smoother than the icky Castor Oil your mom forced on you as a kid.

The New Gay - The New Gay is for those who, as they say, are "over the rainbow." It offers a fresh round of new voices that are to the left of the LGBT center.

Have other cool gay blogs you think we should be reading? Leave the url in the comment section.

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I'll tell you the truth, I have learned to be very careful with who I add to my rss rollcall. Way too many gay politics blogs insist on having half- or all-naked guys all over their sites, both in ads and in content.

While I enjoy that kind of thing personally, I read a lot of this stuff when I'm at work, and if there's one thing I don't need it's to be fired because I was looking at a blog that's supposed to be covering DADT and decided to spice things up today with pictures of Daniel Goddard on that one episode of Beast Master (you know the one I'm talking about).

Seriously, it's frustrating.

          > ...it covers a wide range of issues affecting our lives including physical, mental
          > and emotional health...

It has been covering couples testing, negotiated safety, serosorting, not enough about the strategy of "Let's get tested TOGETHER BEFORE we have sex, for A VARIETY of STDs."

Sexual health checkups reduce ambiguity and can be like anything else POTENTIAL sex partners do together. a) How widespread is the phenomenon of the strategy?... of "Let's get tested TOGETHER BEFORE we have sex, for A VARIETY of STDs." b) Are the rates of new infections zero for sex partners taking part in the phenomenon?... of "Let's get tested 2gether B4 we have sex, for A VARIETY of STDs."

Ever more openminded advocacy for a queer men's health movement is needed that actually put into practice the principles being established and revised from year to year. Authoritarian overreactive kneejerk sidelining contradicts the principles. Looking at the uncommon ideas, the notions that appear, asking questions, including critique, challenging, analysis, data, statistics is the better way of advocating for improving physical, mental, emotional, behavioral health.

Ignaz Semmelweis, Joseph Lister, Oliver Wendell Holmes in advocating handwashing were considered outrageous until older doctors died off, younger doctors tried it and then the many numbers of deaths were stopping for birthmothers.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | January 28, 2009 9:13 AM

I added Gay politics to my bookmarks, but not "The New Gay." Something about bloody lips tells me I would not like it.

I get most news from the newsgroup I belong to. However, I congratulate LIFE LUBE for reporting a hero's death, Martin Delaney. He obituary didn't make news here on Bilerico but made the New York Times. Sexually active gay men should know about the history of HIV and AIDS. The statistics of new infections are alarming.