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A Few Questions From Monday Morning

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I have a few questions... simple questions but ones that perplex me.

I am proud of the kind of food critics my children have become. Over the years, Jeanine and scratching_head.jpgI have encouraged them to think about the food they are eating. It has it's drawbacks, though. Do other people's children ask for a specific style of sandwich cut? Zachary insists on triangles. Jake likes rectangles. Who can keep this straight at 7:30AM?

Does anyone else get up in the morning and look with joy for the newspaper on the front step? For eight years, I dreaded what would be on the headlines. Now, I find myself eager to see the news. Very strange.

I noticed yesterday that Ben's mustache is coming in. I also noticed mine is, too. As he edges into manhood, I'm edging into menopause. I'm wondering... will we start shaving at the same time?

The Republicans don't like the stimulus plan being presented by the Obama administration. Why is anyone surprised? A bunch of pork crazed maniacs when in power, suddenly the GOP is claiming purity. Please. Like a two year old caught with donut sugar on his face saying someone else ate the last one, do they really think anyone believes them?

You know you've been married a long time, perhaps too long, when you can anticipate being blamed senselessly for years to come. Jeanine insists I moved a cable of hers- you have no idea how many cables there are in this house due to her studio- and I know that for the next thirty years I will be blamed for it's disappearance. Does she think I went out back, dug a hole and buried it? And to what end?

With Gitmo soon to be shut down, does anyone else wonder if war crime indictments might be forthcoming? We as a country are quick to put to trial other leaders- will we have the courage to put our own leaders on the witness stand?

What do you think?

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | January 27, 2009 12:40 AM

I think you are so married!

1.Buy Jeanine a starter pack of color coordinated cords (for all objects she treasures) that fit neatly into an attache case marked where each is to belong on it's appropriate velcro holder. After that it is her problem.

2.Get ready to start becoming an expert on acne cream for Ben. Expect greater social isolation from your son and medicate yourself accordingly. Don't worry about him, he is young and resilient.

3.Present your smaller sons their sandwiches in multiple sandwich bags containing each ingredient separately. If they have to make their own they will appreciate any sandwich you make them supermom.

This as you remind all in earshot about some things they have no choice.

hmmm... well medicated. gotcha.

sandwich stuff in different bags- brilliant but what about peanut butter?