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Back in Camelot?

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Of course I'm thrilled, excited, joyous about Barack Obama becoming the Michelle - Yellow Dress.jpg44th President of the United States. I campaigned vigorously for him. But now, my bigger passion is seeing what Michelle Obama is wearing.

She looked so elegant at the Inauguration! Not only was her coat and dress beautiful, but I lusted after her gloves. Where did she get them? Who made them? They looked like the softest gray-green I have ever seen. Something I'd love to stroke against my cheek!

I would have been exhausted after such an exciting day!

Obamas_dance.jpgBut Michelle looked fresh and in a party-mood, all gussied up in a one-shoulder white ball-gown! I have never worn a ball-gown in my life. Having grown up on Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, I imagined that when I grew up I'd go to balls and dances, all decked out in a glittery, shiny gown, wearing high-heeled slippers. Well, that never happened! Not only have I never gone to a ball, but I can't even wear heels higher than 1 inch! I can only imagine how I'd fall all over myself on the dance floor!

So I watched Michelle begin her first round of 10 (count them - 10) Inaugural balls, dancing in her husband's arms, receiving little kisses and smiles from him. Sigh...

I started to fall in love with him - and with her!

Other First Ladies have worn elegant suits, dresses and gowns. But they didn't look like Michelle.


Nancy Reagan had lovely clothes, but she looked like a toothpick in them. They fell right off of her. Barbara Bush probably paid a pretty penny for her clothes but she looked so matronly - nothing I would want to aspire to. And her daughter-in-law Laura just looked nondescript (can't her mother-in-law at least loan her a pair of pearls)?

Hillary tried, but she just looked too down-home in her gowns - I always suspected she'd rather have been wearing granny dresses and sandals! Castle.jpgNot since Jackie Kennedy have we seen such glamour!

So as the Obama Presidency takes off, I am going to wait with baited breath each time Michelle comes on the screen, eagerly awaiting to see what she is wearing. Maybe we're going to enter another Camelot!!!

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All is well.