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Better Know a Contributor: Michael Buckley

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Continuing our series of contributor profiles, I collared Michael Buckley (Buck Hollywood) on the red carpet that leads to his front door. You'll see I tried for the dirt, but he's sharp, and I get away with very little.

Michael BuckleyHow did you get involved with The Bilerico Project?

Bil contacted me back in the day and asked if they could include What the Buck on their new blog. I said sure! Anything for the gays!

On "Fame" (generated by "What the Buck"): has it gone to your head? Do you worry that it is fleeting? How long to do you think you can hold it? Do you think you should a) stay true to your formula? Or b) make changes to your product?

It has not gone to my head. I always say I don't let the praise get to head or the insults get to my heart. I am not worried about holding on to any sort of fame. I am thrilled to love what I am doing and making a good living doing it. I am just making sure I enjoy myself. I think my formula works but I am always making slight alterations to keep it fresh.

What kind of childhood produces a man like you?

When I was 4 years old I knew I was gay watching The Dukes of Hazzard. I was obsessed with watching One Day at a Time, Alice and the Jeffersons. I loved comic books, gymnastics and figure skating. I did musical theatre. So roll it all together and imagine how fun I was! Luckily, I had a very peaceful childhood. My parents were wonderful and supportive. I am very lucky. I was very strange but never felt strange.

You seem to be perpetually gleeful. Is it a mask for some deep-seated gloom? Do you secretly think of jumping into the Connecticut River with your pockets full of pet rocks? Drink a lot of coffee?

I have always been very cheerful, friendly and optimistic. I like to smile and make other people smile. I have always been really into positive thinking. Even at the saddest moment in my life when my mother passed away, I felt immediately grateful that I had 24 years with her. People spend so much time trying to be happy and figure out what would make them happy. I have always been happy regardless of job, relationships or what was going on in my life. Sorry, no gloom here! It always seemed like a waste of time to let things bother me.

On "Love": You say you've got a husband. How long together. How'd you meet? We'd love a description of him. Mine hates the blogging thing whenever it invades our privacy. How does yours feel about what you do?

We have been together for almost 8 years. We met at a bar. He is very good looking. The nicest eyes you could imagine. Very funny. Very different personality from me but two of me would be way too much! He is loyal and supportive and does everything around the house because I pretty much am helpless at that stuff. He loves what I do because I love it! I never talk too personally about him in videos but I mention him often on my live show. He is used to it all by now. My whole family enjoys it!

How do you feel about same sex marriage? You've got it in Connecticut. Gonna do it?

I don't even like talking about it because I think it is so stupid that we even have to discuss it like it is an issue or something we need to fight for. F*ck that. I have never thought for a second that being gay was an issue or something that should deprive me of basic rights. We had a civil ceremony in Vermont. We will do it in Connecticut too.

I think of you as a very talented performer. Where did you get your style? What were the pre-WhatTheBuck outlets for the performer in you? Did you work in the men's wear department of G Fox/Filene's/Macy's? I can visualize that.

I did theatre growing up but was never very good at it so I am glad I get to be myself now or just a funnier, more opinionated version of myself. My degree is in Psychology and I worked with children with severe developmental disabilities for six years and then did office work for six years. I always enjoyed making funny observational jokes and writing them down. I used to tell my family I got my tinkler at G-Fox. Told you I was strange.

Have you ever had sex in a public space in Connecticut?


Ever been fingerprinted?


Ever had a crush on a gym teacher?


Ever cried over a classmate with red hair?


Do you hate anyone?

Not in real life. In WTB life, I could name a few celebs. Kim Kardashian.....list goes on.

Ever answered the door semi-naked?


Your house is on fire. Assuming the dogs and the husband are safe and you've got a minute to grab some stuff, what do you save?

A box of photos and mementos my Mom gave me. I may grab a laptop and camera too!

Are you afraid of anything?

No. Again, I am a positive thinker. I am sure I have some fears tucked away but I am not going to dig to find them to put them out to the universe. I read The Secret, duh!

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I love Buck, he seems so real.

wyomingleah | January 12, 2009 5:59 AM

Buck you crack me up! My first encounter with you was your HSM3 review and I was immediately enamored with your energy and wit. Nice interview BP guys, up with the positivity Buck; it's natural for me too!

Buck is one of my favourite entertainers!

Buck's great. I've been watching his videos on Bilerico for years.