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Bil, Jerame and Waymon Went to Creating Change and I'm Hoping for a T-Shirt Roundup

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Bil, Jerame and Waymon are hanging with the queererati in Denver at Creating Change sipping cocktails, having brunch and preparing to unleash the next stage of the Homosexual Plot to Destroy Marriage and End Western Civilization. They've been thoughtful enough to send in a regular stream of blog posts, tweets and videos. We are going to bring that all together in a special Sunday roundup.

Until then, here's what been hot this week:


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Thank you all for coming to the great state of Colorado (in the winter; braving blizzards and 8 foot drifts of wind driven snow) to attend Creating Change 09.
As a member of the Host Committee this opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from around our country filled me with pride and hope for the future of all citizens and our GLBT community in particular.

I hope everybody carries from this conference the desire and learning to make changes in how their communities and the world views GLBT people. I also hope making a difference is important for everybody's lives.

Meeting and talking with GLBT youth (OK I've reached the age when everybody younger then me is a "youth" or "kid") filled me with pride and excitement that what we started decades ago will go on. And with a hope of fruition that goals we never believed possible will in reality become filled; within our lifetimes.

Again, Thank You!