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Bilerico Project sponsored blogger and twitter meetup in Denver at Creating Change

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Are you going to the Creating Change conference in Denver this week? Several Bilerico Project contributors will be there and we're sponsoring a blogger meetup! Come and meet your favorite Bilerico contributors plus other bloggers covering the conference.

Blogger and Twitter Meet Up
Saturday, January 31
6:30 PM MST
37th Floor Office, Pinnacle Club
All Bloggers Welcome!
Sponsored By Bilerico Project

Be sure to put it on your schedule! We want to meet our fans and other LGBT bloggers!

There's a list of Bilerico Project bloggers you can meet after the jump. I'll update the list as more contributors let me know they'll be there too.

  • Bil Browning
  • Jerame Davis
  • Waymon Hudson
  • Gina De Vries
  • Tobi Hill-Meyer
  • Kate Kendall
  • Ricci Levy
  • Cathy Renna
  • Nancy Polikoff
  • Kelley Winters
  • Paige Schilt
  • Kate Clinton
  • and Alexander Robinson

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Cindy Rizzo | January 26, 2009 8:50 PM

So glad you're doing this again. See you there!


You know I'll be there! Can't wait to see you guys again and meet everyone else.

Hi friends,

Check out people who are tweeting from Creating Change 09 at .
Add yourself if you are not on there!

Also, we are using the hashtag #cc09 for all Creating Change tweets.

See you in Denver!

I'd love to come by since I live near Denver, but can't seem to find any information on the Creating Change website about on-site registration fees. Do you all have any idea?

Call me and I'll make sure you get in, 4thWave. :)

steve tabarez | February 1, 2009 10:55 AM

OK. HERE IT IS: I FIND THIS QUITE REPULSIVE, and to me, antithetical to the very heart of this conference: INCLUSION! Am finding this just another exercise in total self-immersion in the inane I/ME, ISN'T THIS SO GREAT, IM USING THE GREATEST, LATEST, TECHNOLOGY TO ASSOCIATE WITH THOSE LIKE ME, JUST LOOK AT US, CREATING CHANGE AMONGST OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!! But how many of u kno that many of us out here cant afford to eat, have to use public computers to look for work, and if they have a cell, it's pay as you go, to look 4 work or to keep track of a dying partner or loved one????? HOW MANY OF THOSE ARE A, OF U REACHING/HELPING with all those TWEETS?? AND tell me, how many tweets from people not on the proscribed list do u answer or reply to? Talk about insular, talk about exclusion, and talk about self-absorption. And you want to lead us?


If you don't want to participate, don't. It's just that easy.

Twitter is a free service. Internet service can be found for free at libraries as you point out. Text messaging is not required.

As for tweets from people "not on the proscribed list," anyone can follow someone. Who you choose to follow is up to you. Some folks I reply to when it interests me, when it doesn't, I don't.

I find it ironic though that you're complaining about how elitist it is to use a free service on the internet while you're commenting on a blog. For free. So, yeah, "self-absorption" is pretty accurate here.

Get off the cross, we need the wood.7

steve tabarez | February 2, 2009 1:25 PM

U miss the point here. Am not on a cross, nor am I carrying one. My point is how such technology is actually benefitting those that many are espousing to help. AND if maybe there may be better uses than I've seen. I do twitter. A nice diversion at times. But I keep it in perspective. Because it can't take the place of taking it to the streets, and into churches, or community centers. I am saying there are still many who can only be reached that way. That's not being negative.

I am not that critical. Twittering is about simple mundane one liners. What are you doing? See you after school? Small talk, popular with high school girls unable to communicate in depth about any one subject.

steve tabarez | February 1, 2009 1:14 PM

What I am critical of is the significance that is placed on it, and the obvious self-absorpttion that is permeating the movement as a result of all this technology that most are not able to access, use, or care about when it comes to survival, and making ends meet, and finding a job that hopefully won't get rid of you once they find out you are gay, bi,and importantly here, transgendered. It's also he I/ME aspect of it all. It is not about the "ME" in us, or about "US", it is about the fight, and it is about the people most left out, most excluded, and most in need. Altho, I do get a kick out of the image of our movement of pre-adolescent,twittering, middle school girls.At least in mentality, folks. Don't get all upset at me. Cause selfishishness, and self-absorption are very juvenile traits indeed.