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Creating Change, Day 4: They Got You Covered

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Today was another day full of amazing sessions and institutes. Every issue you can imagine, from healthcare to identity-based politics to youth to faith, had a great space for discussion and communal learning.

2121206.jpgOne of the things that keeps striking me here is how open it is. I'm not sure if it's the "Creating Change Bubble" as Kate Clinton (our "dominatrix of ceremonies") calls it, the safe space that has been created, or the fact that everyone is here for the a common goal, but the "community" feel has never been more palpable to me. Whether it's striking up conversation in the elevator or in line, twittering with other attendees in different sessions, or just joining other little groups of people hanging out, the effect on me has been the same- I get reenergized, engaged, and (dare I say it) hopeful for our movement.

Speaking of twittering, I would be a crazy not to mention our Creating Change twitter meet-up that occurred last night. For anyone that doubts the power of new technology, join twitter and send a meet-up message out. You'll be surprised how many folks show up and how great it is! You see the sweet photo here, but go after the jump for a more realistic picture of what a twitter meet-up looks like!

(thanks to the amazing photographer David Mejias, also a twitterer, for the photos)


Follow all the Tweeting fun at #cc09!

The highlight of today was again the plenary. The topic today was "the HIV/AIDS Crisis: This is What We're Doing About It" with Dr Marjorie J Hill, Kenyon Farrow, Bishop Yvette Flunder, and David Ernesto Munar. I'm hoping to snag a video of it (there was too much amazing discussion to fit into a blog), but I'm really hoping the messages sunk in with attendees about the crisis that often gets overshadowed or ignored for other issues. The speakers were powerful and moving, direct and forceful, truthful and motivating. Again, I'm going to try and get transcripts to post for everyone.

One of the other great things scheduled is the Queer Street Carnival Youth Party, a safe space for fun and celebration with LGBTQ youth. The amount of really young, engaged queer folks has been mind-blowing! Anyone who doubts that our movement has the determination to not only keep going but push farther than we ever imagined only needs to talk to these youth for a few minutes. They inspire me every time we talk.

I should also have some pictures from the Bilerico Project Blogger meet-up and tweet-up that happened tonight, so be sure to check back!

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David has a great eye. I love the 50's reference to the advertisements back then. Just great.

It was great meeting many of you this evening at the 37th Floor meet-up. And if I didn't get to talk to some of you, I look forward to meeting you in the future at another event.


steve tabarez | February 1, 2009 11:53 AM

Am so appalled and repulsed at this whole "role" of technology bent, that I can't even stomach trying to elaborate more than I have. Just go to Bil Browning's post 2 read wot I think. Dunno, people. Is this really where our movement is at and what it has become?